For the past several years residential life staff have been working to offer more all gender options in the residence halls. We have explored numerous possibilities and worked with various students to try and best meet the needs of students and make the residence halls as inclusive as possible for all. We are often asked about gender neutral housing, which usually means different things to different people. We have come to prefer the term all gender over gender neutral and have tried to separate out room assignments, bathroom designation, and special living options.


  • Students may select bedrooms regardless of sex or gender in the following upper-class housing areas: GCA, GDD, Kirk, Language Houses, Veggie Co-op, and Summit House.


  • Residence Life has worked to label all single-use common area bathrooms as All Gender.
  • All-Gender bathrooms are pre-designated in some of the sections in Kirk Hall. The first floor of Bigelow also has a designated All-Gender bathroom. These pre-designations have been made in the hopes that all students can select the options that best meet their needs and wants.
  • Some communities (Kirk sections and Veggie Coop) have had community discussions about bathroom designations and residence life staff have worked with students to change the bathroom designation from what it was when the students signed up to live in the space if the voting was anonymous and unanimous.

Special Living Options

  • In 2009 we created a Special Living Option in a section in Kirk called All Gender Community. Currently this community is in section 4 of Kirk with an All-Gender bathroom. Students can apply to live in this space in advance of room draw. There are programming requirements for this space, similar to other SLO, to do two community events each semester and two programs for the campus community as well.
  • In 2012, we made the option of an All Gender Community in Doty 1 available to incoming students. This community has an all gender bathroom and is similar to the All Gender Community in Kirk, except that there are no programming requirements for the first-year students in this community.