Community Learning Model: Campus Life & Student Learning @ Mac

Campus Life at Macalester College utilizes a student focused learning-centered approach to better guide and prioritize our work to foster student learning. Macalester students receive a world class education in the classroom and our aim is to insure that they also receive a first-rate learning experience beyond the classroom. These efforts seek to harness the pedagogical potential of learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Moreover they aim to foster student learning consistent with the College’s educational mission and core values. Our over-arching educational priority is that students will understand their individual responsibility to work towards just and equitable local, national, and global societies.

Learning Outcomes
Seven specific learning outcomes build toward an understanding of global citizenship. These learning outcomes are sequenced to match students’ developmental capacity as they learn and grow at Macalester.
Each student will understand:

  1. the multiple dimensions of individual and social group identities and how they affect interactions with others.
  2. the powerful roles and responsibilities of an individual in a community.
  3. how to build and sustain relationships.
  4. how to communicate across difference.
  5. how privilege and oppression exist and function in societies
  6. the responsibility of citizens to work towards more just and equitable societies.
  7. how to be an actively engaged citizen of local, national, and global societies.

Learning Strategies
Campus Life seeks to capitalize on the full pedagogical potential of the Macalester College experience beyond the classroom by intentionally and purposefully implementing the following learning strategies:

Specialty Housing Campus Events Community Meetings Community Calendars Being an RA or OL Conduct Hearings Bulletin Boards
Campus Partnerships Door Decorations Orientation Scottish Clans Roommate Agreements Leadership Conference New Student Orientation Student Employment
Emerging Leaders Program Student Org. Involvement & Leadership Social Justice Leadership Retreat Leadership Skill Building Series Student Involvement Fair 1:1s Conversations with RAs Suite/House Meetings