Floor Plans

Residence Hall Director

Hana Dinku

Bigelow Hall Information

Located on the corner of Grand Avenue and Macalester Street. Bigelow was built in 1947 and was most recently remodeled in 1992. It is connected to Wallace, 30 Mac and Turck Halls via a short sky-way.
Resident Information: Bigelow houses over 110 sophomores, and a few first-year and upperclass students. Meal plans are required for all residents. The basement and first floor rooms and bathrooms are designated Female only.  Second and third floors are co-ed; rooms are single gender and bathrooms on each floor are designated either male or female.

General Room Information: 50 double rooms, 7 single rooms.  Basement and first floor are designated for female students only.  Second and third floor rooms are designated single gender and the floors are co-ed.

Computer Labs/Internet Access:

  • Wireless internet is widely available throughout campus and residence hall rooms.  Each room also has Ethernet ports for times when students may prefer to use a wired internet connection.
  • Computer labs are located in Doty, Dupre, and Kirk halls.  Computers are also available for general student use in George Draper Dayton Hall and the SOC, located on second floor in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center.

Kitchen/Lounge: A stove, microwave, and sink are located in the basement and in the lounges on second and third floors.  The lounges on first, second and third floors have comfortable gathering space and cable TV.
Room Dimensions: Single: 13’ x 10’; Double: 16’4” x 11’;
Room Furnishings: Sinks in rooms on first, second and third floors.  Most of the rooms in the basement have sinks.  Traditional style furniture with bunk beds that can be debunked, desks, and a lounge chair in each room. Mattresses are twin extra long, 36″ x 80.”

Laundry Facilities: Bigelow shares laundry facilities with two other residence halls, 30 Macalester Street and Wallace Hall. There are approximately 6 washers and 6 dryers in the basement below 30 Macalester Street, located between Bigelow and Wallace Halls.