Moodle is our Learning Management System at Macalester College. Faculty use it to share their syllabi and readings, collect assignments, and more. The two videos below will take you through the basics of Moodle and some handy features to be aware of.

You can access your classes in Moodle at, and will see your courses there. Note that some faculty hide their courses from students until the semester begins; if all of your courses are hidden by instructors, you will see a list of ALL unhidden courses in Moodle.

If you have a workstudy position, study group, or are part of a department that utilizes Moodle, these pages are located on MoodleGroups, which is located at

Moodle Basics Part One

Moodle Basics Part One on VoiceThread.

Moodle Basics Part Two

Moodle Basics Part Two on VoiceThread.