VoiceThread is a tool that allows you and your professors to share slides and videos, along with comments (audio, video, and text). VoiceThread is a great way to create a group presentation, or have a conversation back and forth between your and your professor and/or classmates.

Account Setup

Macalester’s VoiceThread is accessed through and integrated directly into Moodle, and is linked to your Moodle account. If your professor has given you a VoiceThread assignment, look for a ‘VoiceThread’ link in your Moodle course. The icon is a black circle with the letters ‘VT’, and the Moodle activity will likely include ‘VoiceThread’ in the title. Clicking any VoiceThread link in Moodle will automatically create your Macalester VoiceThread account. To log into VoiceThread, we recommend always using Moodle as your starting point to be sure that you are correctly logged in to your account.

You can create a VoiceThread specifically for a VoiceThread Assignment, or by navigating to VoiceThread via a Moodle link and selecting ‘create’ from the upper left hand tabs on the VoiceThread website. VoiceThreads you make using the ‘Create’ tab can be shared with anyone quickly and easily via the share menu after completing the VoiceThread, while VoiceThreads you complete for assignments will be visible only to you, your professor, and sometimes your classmates.

Creating a VoiceThread

You can create a VoiceThread by following a ‘VoiceThread’ home link to access VoiceThread, and then selecting the ‘Create’ link in the upper left hand corner of the VoiceThread page. 

Creating a VoiceThread is a three step process that we’ll go into more in-depth below:

  1. Add media
  2. Record your comments
  3. Share

Here is a helpful VoiceThread about how to create a VoiceThread that shows some of the below steps in action.

To create a VoiceThread even without being given a specific VoiceThread assignment:

Adding Media

  1. Follow a VoiceThread link in Moodle and select ‘Create’ from the upper left hand section of the VoiceThread website
  2. You’ll be taken to a new screen with a large “add media” option in the center of the screen. You can click and drag to upload media here, or click on the ‘add media’ icon to browse for files from your computer. These can be videos, pictures, a PowerPoint presentation. 
    1. Click on the pencil icon to Edit/change files and the trash icon to Delete
    2. Click and drag thumbnails to change the order of your media files
    3. NOTE: each PowerPoint slide will appear as a separate media slide once uploaded. If your slides don’t upload correctly as a PowerPoint file, try saving your presentation slides as a .PDF file instead, and upload that file.
  3. Name your VoiceThread
  4. Once you’ve uploaded your first piece of media, you should also see a new menu at the top of the page reading: 1) Add Media 2) Comment 3) Share. To start commenting (recording audio or video to go along with your media), select option 2, Comment.

Recording Comments

  1. Select a method to comment, options include text, audio, and video, the different ways to comment are described in detail on VoiceThread’s How to Comment page. 
  2. Record your comments on each slide, or for multiple slides of the VoiceThread.
  3. Once you begin recording, you can draw on the images/videos to show what you are talking about by using your mouse (You can change the color of the pencil if you click on the pencil icon, and change whether or not pencil marks you make fade away over time).
    • You can go to the next slide while recording by clicking the right arrow key and continuing with your presentation
    • Alternatively you can make a recording for each of the slides. You just need to stop recording when you are done with each slide, and save it. You can then move on to the next slide and repeat the process. We highly recommend this for longer presentations!
  4. When you are done with each recording, click on the stop “recording button”. You can listen back to your recording while it processes. Once VoiceThread is done processing the recording you can click “save”.
  5. Close the VoiceThread when you’re done.


When you are done with your presentation click on the “share” button. Under the “basic” tab you can copy a link that you can share with anyone. Additionally, you can download it to your computer under the “export” tab to download it and save it to your computer.

Submitting a VoiceThread Assignment

There are three types of VoiceThread assignments: 

  • Create a VoiceThread –  For this, you’ll create your own VoiceThread, such as for a presentation or multimedia project. 
  • Submit a Comment –  For this, you’ll comment on a VoiceThread made by your professor or your classmates. 
  • Watch a VoiceThread – For this, you’ll simply view a VoiceThread made by your professor or your classmates.

Submitting a “Create A VoiceThread” Assignment

  1. Log in to Moodle
  2. Go to your course
  3. Click on the VoiceThread assignment link on your Moodle course page
    • If you have already created the VoiceThread, select it from the list on the left
    • If you haven’t created the VoiceThread you would like to submit, click on “Create new VoiceThread” and follow the steps above in “Creating a VoiceThread” to make one.
  4. Click “Submit Assignment” at the top of the page, then confirm by clicking “Submit Assignment” again on the pop-up
    • Note: Check the box, “share with class” if you want your classmates to see your submission

Submitting a “Commenting” Assignment

  1. Log in to Moodle
  2. Go to your Moodle course 
  3. Click on the VoiceThread assignment link on your course page. This will open your assignment
  4. Review the information on the left to see how many comments are required
  5. Record your comments on the VoiceThread following the steps above under Creating a VoiceThread > Recording Comments
    • Note: Private comments will NOT count toward your total number of comments*
  6. Click “Submit Assignment” in the top-left corner of the page

Submitting a “Watching” Assignment 

  1. Log in to Moodle
  2. Go to the specific course 
  3. Click on the VoiceThread assignment on the course page
  4. Watch the VoiceThread on the right side of the page
  5. Click “Submit Assignment” in the top-left corner of the page