Get Ready

Employment Services has provided temporary guidelines for remote working.

Be prepared to work remotely by following this checklist from your office here at Macalester. This is a list of technology resources that can be used to enable work from off-campus.

  • Get a computer: Bring your college-owned device home, borrow a college-owned device or use your personal device.
  • Get a headset and webcam to meet remotely with your team. You can use any headset with mic, smartphone earbuds, they don’t have to be fancy. (optional)
  • Refresh your 2-factor options for Google 2-Step and Duo Mobile. Make sure backup options are set to devices you can get to remotely.
  • Decide if you need Macalester’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). Using VPN extends Macalester’s secure network beyond campus. Connect your device to VPN when off campus to use services that can only be accessed on campus.
    Requires VPN Does not require VPN
    G & H Drives
    iLLiad Admins (Library staff)
    Student 360
    Student Documents for Faculty Advisor
    Google Calendar
    Google Chat
    Google Drive
    Google Meet
    WordPress editor

Guide to Macalester VPN

  1. Follow the VPN setup guide to get ready to access these resources remotely:
    VPN & Duo Mobile setup guide macOS (gdoc)
    VPN & Duo Mobile setup guide Windows (gdoc) 
  2. Test the VPN connection before you leave campus. Verify you can get to all the services you need to.
  3. Connect to VPN before accessing those services that require it.

Start Your Remote Workday

  1. Sit down at your workspace and start your computer.
  2. Connect to your home Wifi. ITS suggests that all home WiFi networks be password protected.
  3. Connect to VPN to access G & H Drives, Advance, Argos, and Banner.
    VPN is not required to access 1600grand, Moodle, Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Meet and WordPress from off campus.
  4. Snooze Chat notifications when you want to work uninterrupted. 

Stay connected with your colleagues

Meet & Chat online

Store and share files

Print files

  • Send your print jobs to on-campus printers. When your college-owned device is connected to VPN, send print jobs to campus printers.
  • Rather than printing a file, save it as PDF and send as email attachments to relevant parties.
  • Send your print jobs to your home printer. While connected to VPN, you will be unable to print to your home printer.