Zoom Invites

Zoom meeting invitations may come to you in several different ways; for instance, they may be part of a Google Calendar invite, an email, posted to Moodle in a forum, or posted as a Zoom hub link in a Moodle course. 

No matter how an invite arrives, it will include at least a link to the Zoom meeting, the 9-digit meeting ID, and typically will also include a meeting password (you probably won’t have to enter the password if entering Zoom meetings hosted by other Macalester users). Full invitations also include dial-in options for participants to call in via phone.

Ways to join:

  • Follow the link provided by the meeting host, wherever it was provided, and then follow the prompts to open the meeting using Zoom Meetings (Windows) or zoom.us (macOS).
  • Join from calendar events in Google Calendar, check location information for a link.
  • Join directly in the Zoom application or from the Zoom web portal by selecting ‘Join’ from the main screen and entering in the 9-digit meeting ID number, along with the password provided in the invite, if prompted.

For in-depth joining information, take a look at Zoom’s Joining a Meeting documentation.