A special thank you to members of the Class of 1973 Planning Committee.
We are grateful for their leadership, expertise, time, and resources.

The 50th Reunion Planning Committee consists of three subcommittees led by two co-chairs and supported by Macalester staff. View the list of classmates who are helping shape and support Reunion 2023.

Committee Co-Chairs
Sue Haigh
Mike Skoien

Communications Subcommittee
Katherine Barton, Co-Chair
Matt Miller, Co-Chair
John Caine
Debby Croker
John Hanschen
John Koppitch
Steve Plagens
Stuart Smith
Barbara Swan
Rick Treece
Lesa von Munkwitz-Smith

Gift Subcommittee
Paul Anderson, Co-Chair
Larry Dessem, Co-Chair
Ruth Andersen
Lucy Hogan
Laura Mueller
Lee Nystrom
Will Tabb
Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith
Ned Windmiller

Program Subcommittee
Rick Grubb, Co-Chair
Gabrielle Lawrence, Co-Chair
Larry Alexander
Yvonne Anthony
Rochelle Avent-Hassan
Beth Bergman
Beth Dessem
Jeffrey Hassan
Bob Percival
Warren Simmons
Priscilla Simon
Sandra Skaar