The 50th Reunion Class Gift

A Message From Your Reunion Committee

The Gift Committee is still working hard to reach the ambitious goals of our class gift:

  • Overall donations: $15,001,971
    • YTD Total: $13,826,153
  • Planned gifts (James Wallace Society membership): 50 Classmates
    • YTD Total: 41

This year, we are focusing on planned gifts to reach our overall goal. As you see from the numbers above, we are getting there; we’re within 8 percent of our donations goal and less than 20 percent from our James Wallace Society membership goal. We have already shattered the record for class gifts, but the Class of ’72 is close on our heels, with a goal just one dollar more than ours. With your help, we can do this. Let’s reach our goal, stay ahead of the class behind us, and keep the record!

Even if you have never given before, start now! Even if you can’t give much, every gift helps, no matter how small. Let’s take full advantage of this extra time that COVID has unwittingly given us to add to our already amazing success. Join the James Wallace Society now by including Macalester in your planned gifts! Make a planned gift now.

What are our Class Gift Goals?

We have three goals:

  • Raise $15,001,971 (includes both planned and outright gifts)
  • Achieve 71% participation
  • 50 members from the Class of 1971 to represent in the James Wallace Society, Macalester’s recognition society for those who have included Mac in their estate plans.
What counts towards the 50th Reunion Class Gift?

Macalester welcomes different kinds of 50th Reunion gifts, including outright gifts such as cash or stock as well as planned gifts, or deferred gifts, including will provisions (bequests), beneficiary designations, and life-income gifts (such as charitable remainder trusts and annuities).

  • All restricted/outright gifts made following the fiscal year of the alumna’s/alumnus’ 45th Reunion, excluding Macalester Fund gifts, will count towards the class gift.
  • All outright/restricted and planned gifts made to the most recent campaign count.
  • Alumni couples from different graduation years receive full credit for their giving for each of their class gifts.
  • Previously documented, non-contingent planned gifts count at face value.

Outright Gifts:

Gifts to the Macalester Fund provide critical resources that go to work right away to support all of our students, inside and outside of the classroom. Gifts and pledges made during the fiscal year prior to the 50th Reunion will count (June 1 – May 31), as will multi-year pledges (five years total) and five years’ worth of Sustainer Gifts.

You can choose how your Macalester Fund gift is directed:

  • Financial Aid
  • Program Support
  • Facility Support
  • Athletics
  • Student Emergency Aid
  • Racial Equity Support
  • Support It All

Gifts through your IRA or required minimum distributions are a simple yet effective way to support the class gift. Gifts can support the Macalester Fund or other college priorities.

You may choose to add any amount to an already existing scholarship or create your own named, endowed scholarship. With a gift of $50,000 or more, you will become a fund contact and receive annual stewardship reports. The minimum funding amount for a named, endowed fund is $100,000 and may be pledged over five years, or created through a planned gift or a blended gift (see more below).

Planned (or Deferred) Gifts:

In 1887, James Wallace joined the Macalester faculty and forever changed the future of the college. Over the next 50 years as a faculty member and president, he helped the college define its distinguishing values and its standards of excellence. Through the James Wallace Society, the college recognizes individuals whose gifts of future support are helping to ensure Macalester’s continued excellence.

Joining the James Wallace Society is easy to do and is a great way to give back to Macalester without changing your lifestyle:

  • Bequests (non-contingent) that are documented in writing will count at face value. For intentions expressed as a percentage of the estate, a good-faith estimate is used to determine the amount that will count towards the class gift.
  • Naming Macalester as a beneficiary of part or all of your retirement assets such as a gift from your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax-deferred plan is an excellent and simple way to make a gift.
  • If you have a life insurance policy that has outlasted its original purpose, consider making a gift of your insurance policy. For example, you may have purchased a policy to provide for minor children and they are now financially independent adults.
  • Establish a charitable gift annuity with Macalester
    • Contribute $15,000 or more and receive stable, reliable income for life.
    • Receive an immediate tax deduction.
  • The most common assets used are cash, stock, or mutual fund shares.
  • Payout rates are determined by the age(s) of the annuitants:
    • 9% for one annuitant, 72 years old
    • 3% for joint annuitants, both 72 years old
  • Establish a charitable remainder unitrust with Macalester
    • Receive variable payments for life with the remainder going to Macalester.
    • The minimum funding amount is $100,000 and can be funded with cash, stock, mutual fund shares, or real estate
    • Payout rates are negotiated and generally range between 5% and 6%.

For more information, contact:
Theresa Gienapp
Director of Planned Giving

Susannah Garland
Planned Giving Associate

Visit Macalester’s planned giving website at