A special thank you to members of the Class of 1971 Planning Committee. We are grateful for their leadership, expertise, time and resources.

The 50th Reunion Planning Committee consists of three subcommittees led by two co-chairs and supported by Macalester staff. View the list of classmates who are helping shape and support Reunion 2021.

Committee Co-Chairs
Kris Amundson
Jeff Goltz

Communications Subcommittee
Nancy Lane *co-chair
Joyce (Eleanor) Darden Thompson *co-chair

Mary Ewing Fairbairn
Steve Ford
Kathy Brown Holte
Elisabeth (Betsy) Knoche
Julia Kay Lofness
Barbara Phillips
Susan Dunst Schwartz
Joel Stegner
Rick Wallace

Gift Subcommittee
Sara Church *co-chair
Carter Hill *co-chair
Steve Rufer *co-chair

Kathy Allegrone
Kay Ammon
Steve Euller
Caryn Davis Hanson
Tom Haug
Winnie Mann
Alan Peterson
Doug Riley
Paul Strand

Program Subcommittee
Bill Adams *co-chair
Christine Heyrman Carter *co-chair

Francie Anthony
Allison Wells Ballentine
Alice Smith Burgess
Sondra Decker Fruzzetti
Christine Wezeman Jenkins
John Kremer
Ed Mallen
Phil Platt
John Sprole
Angela McKenna Sodey
Sue Virnig
Martha Whiting-Goddard