The Resources and Planning Committee is no longer active. In April 2017, the faculty voted to change the name of the committee to the Strategic Planning and Analysis (SPA) committee and modify its charge. Please refer to the Strategic Analysis and Planning committee page for current information.

The¬†Resources and Planning Committee¬†acts as an advisory committee to the President regarding long-term financial planning. It reviews both annual and long-term budgets of the College and it undertakes studies of the college’s resource use. Appointed membership includes six faculty, three staff and two students who serve three year terms.

2016-2017 MEMBERS

Devavani Chatterjea, Associate Professor, Biology
Dan Hornbach, DeWitt Wallace Professor, Biology, Chair
Bill Moseley, Professor, Geography
Wang Ping, Professor, English
Shilad Sen, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Katy Splan, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Dave Ehren, Macalester Academic Excellence (MAX) Center
Angi Faiks,DeWitt Wallace Library
Luyen Phan, International Student Programs

Samantha Manz
Julia Makayova

Ex Officio:
Polly Fassinger, Director of Institutional Research
Karine Moe, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
David Wheaton, Vice President for Administration and Finance


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2016-2017 RPC Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 RPC Meeting Minutes


Faculty Salary Audit – April 2017

Preliminary Results from the Survey of Issues for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

RPC Final Report 2015: Data Gathering and Analysis to Improve Decision Making and Transparency at Macalester – Developing the Faculty Demographics Report (FDR)