Staff Advisory Council Constitution

Article I: Name, Purpose, Organization

  1. The Staff Advisory Council is elected by Macalester staff employees holding regular full-time and part-time appointments. The Council serves at the will of the President and serves the college staff in partnership with college departments and entities when appropriate. Council membership excludes the President’s office, those who report directly to the President, and all collective bargaining unit employees. The Council determines eligibility in doubtful cases.
  2. The Council meets regularly to review and respond to policies affecting College staff employees. It serves as a neutral facilitator of communication around such policies and other important staff issues by focusing on community-building through providing staff with fora to express their opinions on these issues. The Council will keep staff informed of its proceedings.
  3. The Council appoints staff representatives to standing College committees and to new committees as requested by the President or their representative.
  4. The Council may form subcommittees as needed.
  5. The Council selects two of its members to serve for the year as chair and vice chair, representing the Council where appropriate.

Article II: Meetings

  1. The Council will hold at least one regular meeting per month during the academic year. The President of the College may call meetings at their discretion. Meetings during the summer months are held when considered necessary.
  2. At least once each year, the Council as a whole will meet with the President of the College.
  3. Six members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.
  4. The Council will appoint one of its members to attend the President’s Council.

Article III: Nominations, Elections, Vacancies

  1. Representation on the Council consists of nine members, elected by the following two classification groups in the numbers indicated:
    1. Exempt (five representatives)
    2. Non-exempt (four representatives)
  2. In the event that a SAC representative changes classification during their three year term, the representation will be adjusted at the next spring election.
  3. The Council will elect three new members each year. Members are elected for three-year terms.
  4. Elections are held in the late spring of each year prior to Commencement. Newly elected members assume their terms on June 1 following the election.
  5. Nominations for election to the Council are solicited each year through announcements in campus publications. All those nominated will be contacted. Those willing to serve if elected, will appear on the ballot. Ballots are then sent to all employees eligible to vote (as defined in Article I). The open positions for each classification are filled by the candidates receiving the highest number of votes (for example, if there are two exempt vacancies, the top two vote-getters are elected). In cases of tie, run-off election is to be held within five working days.
  6. All elections are administered by an Elections Subcommittee, to be comprised of at least two Council members who are not running for election. Balloting totals are filed with the Council chair until the next election.
  7. A vacancy for the unexpired term of a member is filled at the discretion of the Council, either through nominations by a Council member and approval by the Council, or through a special election following the rules in Article III, E.

Article IV: Amendment

  1. This constitution may be amended with the approval of seven of the nine Council members, subject to the concurrence of the President of the College.

Created: January 1995; Revised: August 28, 2019
Previous versions of the SAC Constitution are available in the college archive.