The Security office provides safety and security services and emergency response on campus and is the designated law enforcement official on campus as required under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

The Security office develops and maintains the campus Emergency Operations Plan, a broad plan that establishes response protocol and a chain of command for emergencies that threaten the health and safety of the campus community or that disrupt its programs and activities. The plan covers emergencies ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks and conforms to state and federal regulations. The plan is reviewed and updated as situations, threats, and resources change.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to contact our office with any concerns or questions about campus security.

Bill Collumbien
Maurice Smith
Jacques Ralston
  • Jacques Ralston
  • Security Supervisor
Eric Baumer
  • Eric Baumer
  • Security Officer
Garoma Chaffe
  • Garoma Chaffe
  • Security Officer
Willie Hardimann
  • Willie Hardimann
  • Security Officer
Abdu Hirse
  • Abdu Hirse
  • Security Officer
Jeff Jn Baptiste
  • Jeff Jn Baptiste
  • Security Officer
Drew Denning
Rodney Michael
Robert Kelly
  • Robert Kelly
  • Security Officer
Shahid Nazir
  • Shahid Nazir
  • Security Officer
Dino Tyler
  • Dino Tyler
  • Security Officer
Antonio Tyson
  • Antonio Tyson
  • Security Officer
Mike Venne
  • Mike Venne
  • Security Officer