Emergencies, disasters, accidents, injuries, and crimes can occur without warning. Being prepared to respond to unexpected emergencies is an individual and an organizational responsibility. Each member of our community has a role in promoting a culture of safety and in emergency preparation and response.

As an individual, you can help by observing your surroundings, asking about suspicious or questionable behavior, and calling for help when safety is an issue.

Be alert to your surroundings. If you see anything that threatens the safety and security of campus, contact campus security. Macalester values openness and access. However, “open” should not mean unsafe or dangerous.

Every member of the Macalester community is responsible for promoting personal and community safety. Closing and locking doors and windows, securing your valuables, and questioning strangers are examples of simple steps you can take to ensure a safe Macalester.

Below are some basic steps to respond to more common emergency situations.

Keep Yourself Calm – Keep Others Calm

In an emergency, call 911 and Campus Security 651-696-6555. Give your campus location and describe the emergency situation.

Emergency Contact

Life, health or safety threat

Call 911
Available 24/7/365

Mac Security Office

Available 24/7/365
Report a crime, suspicious activity or package, etc.  

SAFEWalk Service

Available 24/7/365

Facilities Office

Music M002
7:30 AM—4:30 PM