AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillator) have been placed about campus to be used in case of a medical emergency. The units are easy to use and have voice prompts to assist you.

AED Demo

AED Public Locations

  • 30Mac/Bigelow/Wallace – 30 Mac west entry
  • 77 Mac – Second floor near room 204
  • Briggs House – First floor porch
  • Ball Fields Press Box – In press box
  • Campus Center – First floor near front west entry
  • Carnegie Hall – Inside east entry to the right
  • Chapel – Main level to the right of entry doors
  • Doty/Turck – Doty first floor lobby, south entrance
  • Dupre – First floor lobby near entrance
  • Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center – Near the north entry
  • GDD – Lobby near elevator
  • Kagin Commons –  Atrium first floor near entry to offices
  • Kirk – Section 1, near office
  • Lampert – Ground floor near stairway
  • Leonard Center – seven locations throughout building
  • Library – First floor near elevator
  • Markim – First floor near elevator
  • Old Main – Ground floor near elevator
  • Olin-Rice – Smail Gallery near elevator
  • Stadium – East (Snelling Ave) entry
  • Weyerhaeuser Hall – First floor near elevator
  • Orway Field Station – Near front entry

There is virtually no liability associated with owning or operating an AED.  The Minnesota Code Tort Immunity reads as follows: This act amends a provision in the Good Samaritan Statute that includes providing emergency medical care by using or providing an automatic external defibrillator in the definition of “emergency care.” It provides that a person rendering this care during the course of regular employment and receiving compensation will be protected from liability unless the usual and regular duties of the person include the provision of emergency medical care (the general law excludes persons acting within the scope of employment.)