What to do in an evacuation situation

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On occasion you may, without notice, be asked to evacuate the building. The reasons for this could be fire alarms, bomb threats, natural gas leaks, etc. When you are notified to evacuate, follow these procedures:

  1. Anytime an evacuation order is issued, either by alarm or verbally, You must evacuate immediately!
  2. Close all windows and doors and walk to the nearest exit. If the alarm stops sounding, continue evacuation and warn others who may attempt to enter the building.
  3. Assist disabled persons or visitors leaving the building.
  4. Do no use elevators.
  5. Proceed to other college buildings or stand 100 feet away from building in the designated meeting area. Keep the streets and sidewalks open for emergency personnel. Do not return to the building until directed to do so by Safety and Security. The silencing of audible sirens or horns does NOT mean it is safe to re-enter the building.
  6. Safety and Security does NOT set off fire alarms on a random basis. All tests are announced prior to their activation.
  7. It is the policy of Safety and Security to notify the St. Paul Fire Department anytime there is an evacuation situation. The fire department may issue citations to persons who do not evacuate a building during an evacuation.


  • Leave immediately.
  • Walk, don’t run.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • When instructed, evacuate and go a safe distance from your building (pre-designated assembly points for your building).
  • If you know of hazards or trapped persons, tell the nearest campus security or police officer.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the police or emergency management personnel tell you it is safe.


  • Use elevators.
  • Re-enter buildings.

This building’s designated outside meeting area: See building evacuation map


Keep Yourself Calm – Keep Others Calm

In an emergency, call 911 and Campus Security 651-696-6555. Give your campus location and describe the emergency situation.

Emergency Contact

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Call 911
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Mac Security Office

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SAFEWalk Service

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