Severe Weather

Severe Weather Awareness Week: April 21-25, 2014

During the spring and summer months conditions that create severe weather such as thunderstorms, lighting strikes and tornadoes may develop at any time.

All members of the Macalester Community should be familiar with these types of weather conditions and the proper procedures for safety during severe weather activity.

The following information is a reminder of the basic watch and warning system used by the local and national weather services.

A watch (tornado watch, thunderstorm watch) means to be alert that the weather conditions are right for the development of that particular type of weather. A siren usually does not sound during a watch. People are asked to take note of the weather and their surrounding conditions, and consider how they would adjust their activities to the possible changing weather.

A warning (tornado warning, thunderstorm warning), means that the particular type of weather is occurring – a tornado has been sighted, or a severe thunderstorm is expected. During a tornado warning or a very severe thunderstorm warning, sirens do sound. Act immediately to take cover in protected areas.

A severe weather watch or warning is serious. Should you encounter such a weather condition, stay away from glass windows, and seek shelter in any of the locations listed on the Safety and Security board posted in your building. If you can not find a copy of the shelter locations for your building, please contact Steve Jorgenson at 651-696-6686.

Listen to a radio station WCCO (AM 830) for updated weather information.

During a severe weather watch or warning do not call 911, the Facilities Services or Security Office for information. Only call these numbers if there are serious personnel injuries in your area.

Other Weather related web sites NOAA
Local Weather forecasts

Keep Yourself Calm – Keep Others Calm

In an emergency, call 911 and Campus Security 651-696-6555. Give your campus location and describe the emergency situation.

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Mac Security Office

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