Suspicious Mail

While it is important not to panic about handling and opening mail, the best practice for you who handle mail each day is awareness.

What to look for

Some typical characteristics of suspicious mail, identified by U.S. Postal Inspectors over the years include the following descriptions of parcels and envelopes:

  • Badly typed, written, or misspelled words.
  • No return address.
  • Excessive wrapping, tape or string.
  • Strange appearance [odor, oily stains, discolorations].
  • Markings with restrictive endorsements, such as ‘Personal’ or ‘Confidential’.
  • Excessive postage or markings indicating it was mailed from a foreign country.
  • A city or state in the postmark that doesn’t match the return address.

What to do

If you receive a suspicious-looking letter or package:

  • DO NOT open it, shake it or empty its contents.
  • Immediately call Security at 651-696-6555, explain your situation.
  • If you have opened a letter or package with a suspicious substance inside or it spills out.
1. Don’t clean up the substance. Cover the spilled contents immediately with anything (clothing, paper, trash). do not remove this cover.
2. Do not show the letter or package or contents to others.
3. Evacuate the area. Close door/s to affected area.
4. Call Safety and Security at 651-696-6555.
  • Wash your hands and face with soap and water.
  • If the substance is on your clothing, remove it as soon as possible, place it in a plastic bag and make sure the clothing is given to emergency responders for proper handling.
  • Make a list of all people who were in the room or area when the suspicious parcel was recognized, give this to authorities for follow-up investigations
  • Individuals involved with the incident should minimize contact with letter or package or their surroundings because this may become a crime scene.
  • Remain calm.

If you have other questions on this matter please call Safety and Security at 651-696-6278.

What Will Happen Next

Safety and Security will call 911 and proper response team/s will assist in clean up and disposal of substance. Medical treatment will be provided as needed for victims.

Keep Yourself Calm – Keep Others Calm

In an emergency, call 911 and Campus Security 651-696-6555. Give your campus location and describe the emergency situation.

Emergency Contact

Life, health or safety threat

Call 911
Available 24/7/365

Mac Security Office

Available 24/7/365
Report a crime, suspicious activity or package, etc.

SAFEWalk Service

Available 24/7/365

Facilities Office

Music M002
7:30 AM—4:30 PM