Suggestions for Handling Obscene or Harassing Phone Calls

Your telephone is for your use and service and is under your control. Always use your phone on your own terms. If a caller refuses to speak, uses obscene language, asks inappropriate questions, or makes you feel uncomfortable at any time, hang up; you are not obligated to speak to anyone. Harassing callers are trying to elicit a response from you; do not give them what they want. Keep calm and hang up immediately.

Keep calm and hang up immediately

  • Do not slam the receiver down.
  • Do not try to figure out who is calling or analyze the caller.
  • Do not engage the caller in a conversation or humor them by giving your opinion, making comments or feel you have to justify anything the caller may be complaining about or saying.
  • Do not discuss the calls with anyone except for authorities.
  • Do not give out any personal information, including phone number.

Do you feel threatened?

Notify Security at 651-696-6555 immediately to file an incident report.

Forward harassing voice mail message to 6686

If the caller leaves a message, forward the message to the Associate Director of Public Safety’s voice mail at 651-696-6686:

  1. While listening to, or shortly after the end of the message, press 7 3.
  2. Enter the mailbox 6686, followed by #; press # again.
  3. Record a message for Security that includes your name, phone number, date and time the call was left in your mailbox. Press 5 when ready to record; press # when finished speaking.
  4. Press 7 9 to complete the forward.
  5. The original message will stay in your mailbox until you delete it by pressing 7 6.

Emergency Contact

Life, health or safety threat

Call 911
Available 24/7/365

Mac Security Office

Available 24/7/365
Report a crime, suspicious activity or package, etc.  

SAFEWalk Service

Available 24/7/365

Facilities Office

Music M002
7:30 AM—4:30 PM