Welcome to scholarship@Mac – a year of familiar and new programming designed to celebrate and support our scholarly lives at Macalester. The palette of opportunities includes research presentations from our colleagues, conversations and panel discussions about the joys and trials of creative work in the Macalester context, strategies for writing effective funding applications, time set aside to “sit down and write” with colleagues, a chance to have Devavani Chatterjea (your friendly Serie Center Associate Director) swing by your office for an informal chat about your scholarship, and possibilities for getting away from campus for scholarly writing retreats. 

Scholarship-related programs

Friday Noon Conversations, Barbara Davis S.P.A.C.E, Library (gdoc)
Friday Noon Research Talks, Barbara Davis S.P.A.C.E, Library (gdoc)


Sit Down and Write

This program provides a quiet communal space for you to carve some time out of your busy schedule to make progress on whatever current project you are working on, as well as to provide a model for how to integrate short bursts of writing/focused creative attention into your week.  You are welcome to come one or both sessions every week or just stop by for a session or two as you need or want to. You do not have to R.S.V.P

If you would like assistance creating an on-going writing or accountability group of colleagues who meet regularly, share work-in-progress, and offer other support to one another related to scholarship, please contact Devavani Chatterjea (chatterjead@macalester.edu) .

Writing Retreats

Sometimes we have to get away to sit down and write.  In the past couple of years, small groups of faculty have gone on 2-3 day writing retreats. These retreats were organized to include faculty from multiple divisions, and at different career stages, and made time for reflection and community building as well as writing. If you are interested in organizing such a retreat, email Devavani (chatterjead@macalester.edu) for a consultation.  In addition, the Serie Center will offer a 2 day off-campus writing retreat in Saint Paul tentatively scheduled for late May, 2020.  Watch for an announcement and application in early spring!

Tiny Desk Consult

We are piloting a new program at the Serie Center. Devavani Chatterjea (your friendly Associate Director of the Serie Center) would love to listen to YOU talk about your scholarship – what you are working on right now, what you are excited about, any concerns you have, any strategies you want to brainstorm, problems you want to troubleshoot. She is also happy to think with you about how the Serie Center can better support you and your creative work, or how we might support/facilitate your connection to other campus resources. If you would like her to stop by your office (or location of choice) for a one-on-one TinyDeskConsult, just send Devavani an invite via Google Calendar and she will be there.