Showcase on Scholarship

Serie Center is pleased to offer this Showcase on Scholarship, based on monthly reports* of the scholarly activity of Macalester faculty and staff colleagues provided to the President and Provost. This site is updated once a month and includes work published or presented beginning on January 1, 2020. If you have anything to add, or you note anything that needs correcting, please contact Theresa Klauer ( We are particularly interested in adding information about your community-based research projects. Please send sources/links to Theresa Klauer.


Sit Down and Write

This program provides a quiet communal space for you to carve some time out of your busy schedule to make progress on whatever current project you are working on, as well as to provide a model for how to integrate short bursts of writing/focused creative attention into your week.  We will host weekly virtual “sit down and write” sessions in Spring 2021.

If you would like assistance creating an on-going writing or accountability group of colleagues who meet regularly, share work-in-progress, and offer other support to one another related to scholarship, please contact Joan Ostrove (

Writing Retreats

Sometimes we have to get away to sit down and write.  In the past couple of years, small groups of faculty have gone on 2-3 day writing retreats. These retreats were organized to include faculty from multiple divisions, and at different career stages, and made time for reflection and community building as well as writing. Our first virtual writing retreat of the year is on Monday, January 11th and Tuesday, January 12th, 2021.

Additional support for scholarship