Visiting Assistant Professor

Carnegie Hall, 207f

Deborah Smith completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz and received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Minnesota. Her subfields of interest include sociology of work, occupations and organizations, sociology of consumption, sociology of culture, and sociology of gender and sexualities. Her doctoral research on the service work process investigates the role of employer brand and worker class and gender identity in retail service work control. Currently, Smith is pursuing a related project in collaboration with University of Minnesota Sociology faculty member, Teresa Gowan, entitled, “Living the Brand.” As part of this project, Professors Smith and Gowan are guiding University of Minnesota undergraduates in research that explores the influence of employer brands on worker identity across a diverse range of workplaces. As part of her research, Smith has collaborated with a Macalester student to study the emergent occupation of go-go dancing as a sexualized form of service work, examining how particular forms of femininity become reproduced within the go-go dancing labor process and used by dancers to produce positive self-identity in a stigmatized occupation. Smith teaches a variety of courses, including Sociology of Work, Sociology of Sexualities, Sociology of Culture, Social Theories, Introduction to Sociology, and recently co-taught the Sociology Senior Seminar with Professor Terry Boychuk. Currently, Smith is engaged in a project to develop a civic engagement course focused on the Sociology of Consumer Culture.

BA: University of California at Santa Cruz
PhD: University of Minnesota