In an attempt to expedite the publication process, the Editors of Anales Galdosianos request that authors adhere to the following guidelines when preparing their manuscripts. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Unsolicited book reviews are not considered for publication.

  1. Contributors should prepare their manuscripts following the Ninth Edition of the MLA Handbook.

  2. Manuscripts should not exceed 10,000 words, including notes and works cited, and may be written in English, Spanish, Galician, or Catalan.

  3. Anales Galdosianos only accepts electronic submissions in Word (.doc, .docx.).

  4. A 200-word abstract and a list of key words, in English and in Spanish, must accompany each essay.

  5. Please ensure that your name, personal information, or institutional affiliation do not appear anywhere in the initial submission of your manuscript, including references to your own work in the first person.

  6. Anales Galdosianos uses footnotes rather than endnotes. Use the same font as the rest of the text.

  7. Do not use more than one footnote per sentence. Place the footnote number at the end of the sentence, outside the period if the article is in English and inside the period if the article is in a Romance language.

  8. For articles written in English, do not use an apostrophe for plurals or for decades. “The 1950s” should not have an apostrophe, for example, but the omission of the century would require one: “the ’50s.” When referring to centuries, write the entire word: “nineteenth century” rather than “19th century.”

  9. All articles must include a list of works cited at the end, following the 9th Edition of the MLA Handbook. Include complete titles and subtitles of all books.

  10. Obtain necessary copyrights for all images and quotations that exceed fair use.

  11. No part of a submitted manuscript may have appeared in another journal, in any media, or in translation. Anales Galdosianos does not consider previously published essays, nor does it publish essays currently under review at other scholarly venues.

  12. Anales Galdosianos follows all spelling and grammar rules set by the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language.

Submission of manuscripts and all correspondence should be addressed to:
Toni Dorca, General Editor of Anales Galdosianos

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