Monographic Issue: Galdós’s: Continued Relevance
Deadline for Essay Proposals (250 words): December 4, 2022
Essay Deadline (no more than 10,000 words): April 30, 2023
Expected Date of Publication: November 2023

Toni Dorca (Macalester College)
Sara Muñoz-Muriana (Dartmouth College)
Gabrielle Miller (Baylor University)

Monographic Theme

Anales Galdosianos seeks essay proposals that analyze the reception and legacy of Benito Pérez Galdós in the diverse forms and forums of twenty-first-century art and culture: literature, cinema, television, histories of ideas or customs, politics, historiography, and more. Topics of special interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Galdós and the novel today
  • Galdós in the theater, cinema, television, and comic
  • Galdós, national writer
  • Galdós, global writer?
  • The timeliness of Galdós’s historical, social, or political thought
  • The centennial of Galdós’s death: biographies, studies, expositions, and other celebrations
  • Galdós and a new generation of readers
  • Galdós in the classroom

Abstracts in English, Spanish, Galician or Catalan should be sent via Word document (.doc or .docx) by December 4, 2022 to:

Toni Dorca

Asociación Internacional de Galdosistas | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes | Project MUSE