Department Coordinator

Humanities 219


After years of experience in the corporate field in Morocco ranging from Hotel Industry, Small Enterprise Promotion Centers, Foreign Chamber of Commerce, to Medical Industry, Afifa immigrated to the United States in 2001.  At that time, Afifa decided to shift her interest and enter the field of Higher Education to honor her thirst for learning.  Upon joining the Department of Multicultural Life’s team at Macalester College in 2003, Afifa found it to be the ideal place for her to learn more about the social and racial dynamics of this country. Afifa comes from Muslim, Arab and Berber communities, as well as from a long history of French “protectorate.”  Afifa works currently as the Department Coordinator for the Spanish & Portuguese Department as well as for the Latin American Studies Department, providing Administrative Assistance to the Faculty, Student Staff, managing the departments’ budgets, coordinating logistics of special events, co-supervising students, and serving as an informal resource for students interested in practicing their French and Moroccan languages. Finally, Afifa works closely with Casa Hispana.