Visiting Assistant Professor

Neill Hall 303

Michelle’s research focuses on questions of gender and the family in during the period leading up to and including the Spanish Second Republic. She is particularly interested in the work of first-wave feminists including Carmen de Burgos, Emilia Pardo Bazán, and Margarita Nelken as well as the publications of the Francoist Falange Sección Femenina. Her dissertation The Narrative of Carmen de Burgos: An Innovative Portrayal of the Family and Gender Roles in Spain looked at Burgos’s melodramatic and kiosk novels to define her feminist notion of reform. Her current projects have moved from literary to cultural studies. Inspired by research conducted at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, Michelle considers how cookbooks and domestic manuals of the period convey messages that go well beyond the ideal gazpacho recipe.

Michelle’s latest publication titled Multiple Modernities: Carmen de Burgos, Author and Activist is an edited volume that is the first comprehensive analysis of Carmen de Burgos in English that brings together pioneers in the establishment of Hispanist gender studies and recent scholarship of non-canonical texts.