Annual Giving at Macalester: Selected Illustrations

Support all aspects of education and student life at Macalester 2 gifts of $10
Help faculty and students participate in community service 2 gifts of $25
Help continue Macalester's commitment to need aware financial aid 2 gifts of $50
Fund a work-study position for a Macalester senior: 5 gifts of $500
Provide new uniforms for the Mac baseball team: 6 gifts of $1,000
Equip a science lab with new microscopes: 8 gifts of $2,000
Bring a renowned guest lecturer to campus: 6 gifts of $2,500
Build an original set for a theater production: 2 gifts of $5,000
Support a junior-level professor’s salary: 7 gifts of $10,000
Cover tuition and housing for a student to study abroad at the Maastricht Program: 2 gifts of $12,500
Provide one year of financial aid for typical Mac student: 2 gifts of $13,000