opening new avenues for scholarship
Priority academic disciplines for new endowed chairs

The new endowed chairs established by the Step Forward campaign will enhance scholarship and teaching in disciplines where unique visions and global issues are needed.

Key areas of emphasis identified by Macalester faculty and staff include:

Languages and culture
Key priorities include the creation of an endowed chair or chairs who can teach courses in areas such as Arabic languages and culture, Jewish studies, Chinese language and culture, Latino/a studies, and indigenous peoples of the Americas. Investment in this area will give Macalester the flexibility to expand and strengthen its offering of language courses in order to match burgeoning student interest.

The Sciences
By creating a new chair or chairs specializing in aspects of the sciences, Macalester can expand the depth and breadth of its curriculum in areas of critical importance such as neuroscience, the history of science, and aspects of the natural sciences such as climatology, epidemiology, materials science, or agriculture/food science.

Arts and Literature
The creation of a new chair or chairs with the expertise to expand courses in areas such as art history, comparative literature, and multimedia arts will provide new avenues for curricular development and bring heightened visibility to Macalester’s efforts in these fields.

Emerging Disciplines
Macalester seeks to create a number of endowed chairs with the intent of giving the college the utmost flexibility to meet the needs of emerging disciplines. These chairs will provide the college with a means of ensuring that faculty expertise remains strong in a wide swath of disciplines.