Engaging the world
programs for the institute for global citizenship

The Step Forward campaign will create endowed funds to support faculty programming related to Macalester’s distinctive focus on global citizenship and civic engagement.

Civic Engagement Forum and International Roundtable
Macalester seeks to establish endowed funds in support of the International Roundtable, an annual lecture series on topics of global relevance, and the Civic Engagement Forum, an annual student conference on leadership.

Faculty Development International Seminar
A three-week international program, this seminar offers faculty the opportunity to study with fellow scholars in universities across the world.

The creation of a scholar-in-residence program within the Institute for Global Citizenship will bring a steady stream of the world’s brightest scholars and leaders to Macalester.

Endowed Chair for Institute for Global Citizenship
An endowed chair will help ensure that the holder of this position can represent Macalester throughout the world, assemble and publish a permanent record of scholarship, and lead innovative curricular initiatives.