video competition

And the winners are...

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Matthew Ecklund, Class of 2009
A Macalester Madrigal
This short film starts with an innocent Freshmen entering college. It is an archetype of the Macalester experience, humorously and poignantly chronicling different phases in life: entering college, maturing and then graduating, and life and a career after graduation. It urges the viewer to follow a path to wisdom, civic engagement, and happiness. Stepping forward is always that necessary first step. So sit back, enjoy, and be inspired!

Alison Kim, Class of 2009
Petri Dish
Video Participants: (Staff) Macalester Media Services (Students) Morgan Derby '09, Urvashi Wattal '09, Maggie McCarron '09, Ben Rabe '09, Brandon Nam '09, Mandy Leung '09, Bethany Orlikowsky '09, Charlie Ballard '09.
To illustrate the learning process that is particular to the Macalester experience, images of things are used including petri dishes, insects, local coffee shop lights, and Grand Avenue that range from out of focus to distorted to clear. The combination of having a faculty that pushes you to the limit intellectually and a social environment that allows you to express your new discoveries makes Macalester an excellent place: a tiny, grand place in a global community that fosters the growth of unexpected mental and emotional formations. This painful and pleasurable growth is what gives Macalester students the desire to continue walking despite the rocky, slippery paths we find ourselves on.

Martin Mudry '09
Taren Kingser and Ross Donihue
The 'Perfect' Macalester Video
Video Participants: Taren Kingser (2011), Ross Donihue (2011)
Our video chronicles a group of students as they attempt to create the ‘perfect’ video of the Macalester experience. In the spirit of the Step Forward theme we engage the question of how to best provide a personal glimpse into the Macalester community. In the video our characters are forced to dig deeper in their videomaking quest. As the actual makers, our goal is to take an innovative approach that reveals the Macalester we know.

John Koenig, Class of 2006
Step Backward
Video Participants: Matt Hauck (2006), Annamarie French (2006), Laura Nethercut (2006), Will Watson (2006), Julia Gallagher (2006), Megan Raymo (2009), Marissa Raymo (2009), Nick Carpenter (2009), Carolyn Black (2009).
"You know, back in my day..."
Five Macalester alumni form a society for historical re-enactment called "Step Backward." The goal is to painstakingly recreate the '02-'06 era so current students can learn how things were back in our day, and appreciate how much the campus is changing. This micro-mockumentary depicts the Step Backward team working toward its first re-enactment for the students. As they quickly learn, to "Step Forward" just makes more sense than the reverse. The same forward leaps that the curmudgeons of '06 didn't get to enjoy will continue as Mac moves on, even if not all its alumni have.

The best student video received a grand prize of $5,000. Two $2,500 prizes were awarded to the most creative and the most humorous student videos. The alumni video received a $2,500 prize.

• A Macalester Madrigal
• Petri Dish
• The Perfect Macalester Video
• Step Backward