Typically most academic and administrative departments do not maintain extra funds to support programs that were not previously allocated in their budgets, therefore unless otherwise indicated, we discourage students from seeking funding for events from departments. The Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) is the primary source of financial support for student events through the funding of chartered student organizations. Students can access MCSG funding support in the following ways:

  1. There are many student organizations that exist to support interests in academics, shared cultural interests, social justice education, media, politics, performance, religion, service, and recreation. Joining a student organization allows you to connect with other students with like interests to plan events and activities of mutual interest. If you can’t be a member, try collaborating with an organization. Organizations are eligible to request additional funding for ideas that are generated throughout the semester. Contact a member of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement staff to assist you.
  1. The Lectures Coordination board is funded by MCSG and comprised of faculty, staff, and students and is designed to fund and coordinate campus guest speakers. If you have an idea for a speaker you would like to see on campus contact the student MCSG at .
  1. The Program Board is a branch of MCSG responsible for cultural, educational, and social programming on campus. They are not a funding source, but a portion of student activity fees are allocated to the Program Board to promote and foster student leadership and collaboration. Program board is interested in hearing programming ideas from students. Share your thoughts by contacting them at .
  1. The Department of Multicultural Life has a limited special program fund available to assist student organizations and campus department in co-sponsoring events. To apply for these funds, come to the Lealtad-Suzuki Center in Kagin Commons to pick up an application.
  1. Fund for Lavender Life is a fund provided by a donor for specific programs and resources for LBGT students and on the topic of gender and sexuality. Contact The Department of Multicultural Life for information about this fund.
  1. Following the budgeting cycle for student organizations, individual students can make additional allocation requests to MCSG for special events. Contact MCSG for more information .