3.3 Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC)

Through an agreement among Augsburg College, Hamline University, the College of St. Catherine, the University of St. Thomas and Macalester College, students may take one course per semester at any one of the institutions without additional tuition charge, provided that the home institution has approved the course. Links to course information are provided on the Registrar’s Office website.
The ACTC institutions are committed to sustaining cordial and mutually supportive relationships between and among the five campuses. To that end, the following guidelines for dealing with conduct violations have been established:

  1. ACTC students visiting and/or taking classes at any of the five institutions are expected to observe the policies of that campus.
  2. When students from one of the five institutions are on one of the member campuses, the judicial regulations of that institution apply to them. If they are involved in a disciplinary situation, the host Dean of Students (or designee) will be notified and, in turn, will convey the details to the home Dean of Students. In some cases, it may be determined that both Deans adjudicate the infraction collaboratively; in most cases, the home Dean will adjudicate the infraction on the home campus. In the event of an emergency or necessary police action, the host Dean (or designee) will respond immediately and later notify the home Dean.
  3. Each of the five colleges/universities, through its own judicial process, has the authority to suspend or expel any student who is registered for courses on their campus with the visiting student being accorded all the rights, including the right of appeal, that apply to a student of the host school.
  4. The duration of any penalties shall be at the discretion of the institution originally handling the incident. If the loss of academic grade is involved, or loss of privilege to continue taking a course at the host institution, the Academic Dean's Office may become involved in the process. The student may use existing channels of appeal.

In all cases, it is assumed that this agreement does not supersede any rules or regulations of any of the five institutions and, furthermore, that the strong, existing spirit of cooperation among the five institutions will prevail in seeking resolutions with educational merit. -Adopted 2/73, Revised 6/93