MCSG Budget Approval Process

All chartered student organizations may apply for funds from MCSG. Below is complete information regarding this process.

Source of Funds

Money allocated by MCSG is the money from the Student Activity Fee that every student pays.

The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC)

The FAC manages MCSG’s funds. The FAC works with student organizations to efficiently and responsibly allocate money for events and programs in and around the Macalester community. It reviews budget submissions for the upcoming fiscal year and also reviews any additional allocation requests weekly. The FAC, through its own review process, can allocate requests of up to $2000.  Any greater requests will be reviewed by the FAC, who can vote to either recommend, not recommend, or partially recommend approval. The request will then proceed to a vote by the full legislative body.  All FAC decisions can be appealed to the legislative body at their meeting.

Yearly Budgets

Yearly budgets are submitted in March for the following academic school year. FAC liaisons will meet with you individually regarding your budget in late February and early March.

These budgets typically include funding for:

  • Traditional events that happen each year
  • Events that are already in the planning stage
  • Capital purchases
      • Capital counts as anything that is a tangible object that will last longer than 2 years.
      • These investments cannot be kept in the personal possession of the individuals of the org and must be reported in an annual capital inventory.
  • Publications

Budget Process

All orgs who wish to submit a budget are required to attend a Budgeting Workshop. This year, the workshop will be on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 11:30am in Kagin Hill Ballroom.

All budgets are due at 5:00pm on Friday, March 9. Late budgets will not be considered. Your FAC liaison will reach out to answer any questions and meet regarding the budget between the Budgeting Workshop and the budgeting deadline.

Submitting your budget

  • Submit your budget via Orgsync before the due date
    • Sign into your OrgSync account
    • Select your Organization by clicking on the cartoon of the three people in the upper right hand corner of the website
    • Under the “More” tab select “Treasury”
    • Select “Manage Budgets”
    • Select “New Budget”Fill out the provided form
    • Indicate the appropriate budget period via the drop down menu
    • Submit your budget or Save your work and finish later
  • Budgeting for events
    • Topics to address
      • Vision for the event
      • How does this event align with mission of your org?
      • What value does this event give to campus?
      • Dates, locations, and expected attendance
      • Collaboration with other student organizations
    • If you know you are going to have an event, budget for it as much as possible rather than waiting for additional allocations.
    • Make budgets specific enough to know what money will be spent on.  Budgets do not need to be specific down to the cent but the FAC would like to be able to see that organizations have thought about the costs and that there is decent idea of how much things will cost.
  • FAC liaison will meet with you regarding your budget
  • FAC has a meeting behind closed doors to make their budget endorsements
    • Minutes will be published on the MCSG website
  • All organizations with budget requests in excess of $4000 will present their request to the Legislative Body (LB)
  • After the review, the FAC presents budget suggestions to the Legislative Body (LB) of MCSG and the budgets are voted on
    • Any decisions can be appealed to the MCSG LB through the process communicated via your FAC liaison.

For Guidelines regarding what FAC will and will not fund, look to the MCSG bylaws which can be found at

Additional Allocations

The Additional Allocations come from the remainder of the Student Activity Fee that is granted to MCSG but not budgeted. MCSG oversees this fund to support activities and programs that were not included in the previous semester’s budget requests.

Possible reasons for seeking Additional Allocations

  • Unforeseen costs associated with events that were budgeted for.
  • Funding for new events that were not originally budget for (e.g. events related to current events or new ideas).

Additional Allocation process

  • We ask that Orgs take advantage of block budgeting and exhaust all of their funds to cover new or unexpected expenses before requesting additional allocations.
  • Complete the Additional Allocation request form on OrgSync
    • Requests must be submitted AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance
    • Follow the directions to submit a new budget
      • Under “Budget Period” select “Spring/Fall xxxx Additional Allocations”
  • Allocations are reviewed by the FAC
  • For amounts greater than $2000, the FAC will submit the Additional Allocation request to the MCSG Legislative Body for approval
Purchases and Budget Use

Methods for using your budget

Purchasing Cards (P-cards)

These are credit cards that are linked to Macalester accounts. They can be used by student organizations to make purchases on items or for events budgeted for through MCSG.Authorized individuals can check out P-cards from the Card Services desk (located in the student activities center on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center)

  • Organizations must authorize P-card access to anyone who will be using P-cards
    • Authorization forms can be filled out at the Student Organization Leader Orientation (SOLO) the first weekend of the Fall semester
    • If leadership changes between semesters, contact the to change the P-card access form
  • Purchases can be made online or in person
  • Keep all itemized receipts
    • All itemized receipts must be uploaded to the Checkbook feature on Orgsync. This can be done by uploading a picture of or scanning the receipt.
  • Return card with original itemized receipts. Add spending to the Checkbook on OrgSync
    • Please make an effort to return the card the same day or early the next day so others can have access to it.

Check Requisition

A check requisition is a request for payment either for reimbursement or payment to a vendor for more than $50. Check requests forms can be found at the Card Services desk (located in the student activities center on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center) with Melanie LaBrasseurIt takes one week to process a check requisition.

  • Check request forms must be returned to Melanie by 4pm on the Tuesday of the week before the check is needed
  • Payments can only be processed from original invoices, receipts, or contracts.

Petty Cash Reimbursement

  • Petty Cash forms can be found at the Card Services Desk (located in the student activities center on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center) with Melanie LaBrasseur
  • The only person who can receive the petty cash is the person who expended the funds
  • Petty Cash forms must:
    • Indicate the organization’s FOAPAL
    • Be signed by the organization authorized person and the FAC chair
    • Be accompanied by original receipts

Cash Receipts

  • Deposit all cash or checks for your organization in the appropriate account at the Student Accounts office in 77 Mac
  • The Business Office can assist you in identifying the proper FOAPAL.  The Cashier will provide Business Services with a copy of the cash receipt.

Note: Be sure to receive an invoice (bill) for all goods/services purchased, regardless of how the purchase was made.  

Tax Exemption Status

Macalester is a non-profit institution and is therefore exempt from sales tax on most purchases.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable Contact Information

The Purchasing Office, located at 63 Macalester St, can assist you with any purchasing questions.


Michelle Bitney              651.696.6565    

Matt Rumpza                  651.696.6551    

Grace Wood                    651.696.6558    


Chartered student organizations may wish to raise money for their group or for a particular project.  All fundraising events must be approved ahead of time. Fundraisers include ticket sales, raffles, and drawings.

Approval Process

  • Organizations must meet with a staff member of the Campus Activities and Operations
  • Submit the Student Organization Fundraising Proposal Form AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance
  • Additional information on Fundraising can be found in the Student Org Handbook

  • The form can be found on Orgsync

Fundraising with Outside Vendors/Organizations

A contract must be negotiated when collaborating with an off-campus vendor to conduct fundraising initiatives.  See Contracts section

Soliciting Off-Campus Donations/Grants

Student organizations seeking to solicit gifts from alumni, parents, local businesses, corporations or foundation must operate under the following requirements:

  • Contact , the Interim Director of Activities for Campus Activities and Operations, prior to beginning the initiative.
  • The student organization Fundraising Approval Form must be completed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to conducting solicitation along with information regarding the purpose, goals, and targeted groups.  The approval must be granted prior to the start of any solicitation.
  • In the event that solicitations are made off campus, potential donors must be informed of the following:
  1. Gifts to this cause are not recognized as charitable contributions to Macalester College.
  2. Names and contact information of those being solicited were not provided to the student organization by Macalester College.

Note: Failure to adhere to the above requirements may result in the suspension of fundraising privileges.