Publicity is crucial to getting the word out about your event! There are many resources and exciting ways to advertise your event!

The following guidelines apply to postings, fliers, electronic mail announcements or messages, chalking and other forms of printed or written expression. If these guidelines are violated, posters will be removed and the org will be notified regarding their violation.

In the spirit of the mission of Macalester College, students and campus organizations are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and express opinions publicly and privately. To promote this atmosphere of free expression, members of the community are obligated to take responsibility for that expression and to respect the expression of others.  Individuals and/or groups will be held accountable for postings that are not respectful of Macalester College community standards.

  • Members of the college community must include their name, organization name or department, and a phone number and/or email address on any public document, poster, or sign that they circulate or prepare for circulation.
  • For posting in the residence halls, see below.
  • To ensure equitable circulation opportunities, information should be placed on unused bulletin board space or in place of outdated materials.
  • Members outside the immediate college community are asked to contact the Card Services Desk (located in the student activities center on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center) for posting information and approval.
  • Fliers/posters are not to be taped to walls, columns, doors, mirrors, or bathroom stalls.
  • All publications are subject to applicable Federal and Minnesota state laws.


Publicity Options

Reservation Desk Publicity Options

The reservation desk has many opportunities for ways to advertise around campus. All publicity spaces through the reservation desk should be reserved in advance by stopping by the reservation desk or calling them at 651-696-6638 or email . For more information about these options visit

Table Tents: Table Tents are the small fliers that are located on the middle of the tables in Café Mac. 

  • Can be reserved for 7 days at a time, they run from Sunday-SundayTable Tent Making Options
  • Make your own
    • Create 4” x 6” promotional fliers
    • Drop off 30 copies of the fliers to the Reservation Desk by 4:30pm on the Friday before the week you have reserved.
  • Document Services
    • Document services will put your table tent design into their template and print and deliver the table tents
    • Send document services an email () with your name, FOAPAL#, an attachment of the table tent design, and an indication of the services you need
    • Send to document services Friday afternoon of the week before you want them put up.
    • A complete set of table tents costs $1.98

Posters: Posters are posted by Reservation Desk and Res Life staff throughout campus (for a list of locations click here.

  • Poster space does NOT need to be reserved in advance
  • Poster making options:
    • Make your own
      • Create 8.5” x 11” posters
      • Drop off 16 copies of the posters at the Reservation Desk by 4:30pm on Tuesday will be posted by Wednesday at noon.
      • Drop off 32 copies of the posters to the Campus Center Desk (located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center) any day
      • The ResLife posters will be posted within 48 hours of submission if submitted Saturday-Thursday
    • Document Services
      • Document services will print your poster and deliver it to the proper location for poster runs
      • Send document services an email () with your name, FOAPAL #, an attachment of the poster design, and an indication of the services you need
      • Send to document services before 4:30pm on the Tuesday of the week you want the posters posted for the Reservations Desk and Res Life
      • A complete poster run (Reservations Desk and Res Life) costs $9.50
      • Posters will stay posted until the day of the event.

Sandwich Boards: Sandwich Boards are the boards that stand outside of the Campus Center.

  • Sandwich Boards can be reserved for days per event or series of events
  • Create 22” x 28” posters
  • Go to the Reservation Desk on the first day of your reservation with the content to be posted on the board. Reservations will give you the Sandwich board to post your content on. Place your Sandwich board outside of the campus center.

Café Mac Banners: Banners are hung on the South or North railing.

  • The space may be reserved for up to 7 days per event and must be done so in advance.
  • Create up to 60” x 72” banner
  • Turn in the Banner (dry) to the Campus Center Building Manager (located on the second floor of the Campus Center) on the first day of the reservation. Bring a copy of your reservation confirmation email with you!

Circle Railing Banners

  • Banners are hung on the circle railing between the first and second floors of the Campus Center
  • These banners must be computer generated and professionally printed, policies for these banners can be found here.
  • Space must be reserve in advance and can be reserved for up to 7 days
  • Turn in the Banner (dry) to the Campus Center Building Manager (located on the second floor of the Campus Center) on the first day of the reservation. Bring a copy of your reservation confirmation email with you!

White Board

  • The white board is located at the Campus Center Entryway
  • This space may ONLY advertise for events located in the Campus Center and may only be reserved for use on the day of the event
  • Create up to 22” x 28” poster
  • On the day of your reservation, go to the Reservation Desk with all of your content and they will give you materials to help post your content on the whiteboard.

Signage on TV Screen in Campus Center

  • This space can be reserved in advance for up to 7 days
  • Create a 1920×1080 pixels .JPEG image to
  • Submit the image 14 days before the event
  • The event must already be publicized on the College Events Calendar

Display Cases

  • These are located on the Lower Level of the Campus Center
  • Create a poster up to 22” x 28” and include other promotional materials
  • Cases may be reserved in advance for up to 7 days
  • Pick up the display case key from the Reservation Desk on the first day of your reservation and set promo materials into the Display Case.
  • On the last day of the reservation, pick up promo materials.

Lit Table

  • Lit Tables are located on the Campus Center Lower Level (this is often referred to as “tabling”
  • Lit tables may be reserved in advance for up to 3 days
  • Lit tables are 6’ x 18” tables with 2 chairs
  • Bring signs or other promotional materials to the table
  • Lit Tables will be available for usage on the first day of the reservation

Options For Creating Your Own Publicity

Student Organization Resource Center (SORC):

  • Located on the second floor of the Campus Center (Near the MCSG, PB, and Campus Activities and Operations offices)
  • This space is great for making posters and banners for advertising.
  • Resources:
    • Storage & Workspace: large worktables and lockable cubbies.
    • Art Supplies: paint, banner paper, markers, a die-cutter, a laminator, and paintbrushes.
    • Other: Computers, a printer, and a copy machine.
  • Please clean up after using this space.
  • Publicity Ideas in the SORC:
    • Posters: Make your posters for the poster run here
    • Banners: Make your banners to be hung up in Café Mac here
    • Use paint, letter cutters, markers, and more!

Campus Activities and Operations Poster Maker:

  • Each organization may use the Campus Activities and Operations Poster maker once each semester at no cost. Additional posters may be used at a small fee.
  • The poster maker can be used to enlarge single-colored documents for use in presentations or for publicity.
  • In order to have a poster made:
    • Go to the Card Services desk (located in the student activities center on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center) during operational hours (8:30am-10:00pm Monday-Friday and 3:00pm-7:00pm Saturday and Sunday)
    • Provide the desk with an 8.5” x 11” copy of what you would like to be on the poster at least 48 hours before you will need the poster
    • The poster can be picked up 48 hours after you dropped it off at the same desk

Making Fliers and Posters:

  • Fliers and Posters can be made on the computer or by hand (on the computer is better for poster runs)
  • To Print fliers and posters you can utilize:
    • Document Services:
      • Document services make copies and print outs of poster needs, booklets, laminating etc.
      • Per page costs chart:





Black and White Copying




Color Copying








  • For more information or to send a document for printing contact document services at with an attachment of your publicity, with your FOAPAL number, and precise details of what you need.

Advertise with WMCN and Mac Weekly

  • WMCN: WMCN encourages student organizations to submit information about events to be broadcast on WMCN
  • Visit to contact the Ad manager about advertising on the MacWeekly for a small fee

Make Buttons!

  • Use the Campus Activities and Operations’ Button Maker to make buttons that advertise your event or cause.
  • Fill out the Button maker form on OrgSync
  • Allison Greenlee will contact you regarding the request form
  • You will be able to pick up the button maker to make the buttons
  • Buttons costs:

50 Buttons

100 Buttons

150 Buttons




Daily Piper

  • This is a VITAL way to publicize your event!
  • Visit to submit an event
  • Sign in with your organization log in
  • Complete Submission Form
  • Information must be submitted by 8 am on the day of publication

College Events Calendar

  • It is important to submit your event to the calendar so other organizations and programs can be planned around your event
  • Visit to submit an event


  • Chalking is a popular advertisement method
  • Chalking is allowed on sidewalks ONLY.
  • Chalking or advertising on any and all other areas of campus will be removed.
  • Chalking is not allowed on the sidewalk at the memorial garden around the flagpole and from the entrance to the Chapel due to the nature of the site.
  • Chalk may be removed periodically during cleaning of the sidewalks.
  • For more information on Chalking guidelines visit this webpage.

Library computers

  • You can advertise your events as the desktop on the library computers.In order to request space visit:
  • You will be able to see availability and request the space
  • Request space at least 2 weeks before you plan to use it
  • This website also have instructions for how to make the desktop image

Publicity Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Mail Stuffing Policy

Campus-wide mailings (through mailbox stuffing) are not permitted unless special permission is given by the Dean of Students. Dissemination of information for the entire campus should be made through existing publications, bulletin boards, and copies to appropriate student organizations and departments, etc.  Document Services and the Post Office will implement a campus-wide mailing only upon receipt of a written authorization from the Student Affairs Office.

Copying Code of Ethics

Macalester College honors intellectual property, respects the privacy of data, and recognizes the rights of others. Each individual has a responsibility in turn to use copying technology in an ethical manner. Anything less than adherence to the letter and spirit of copyright laws and regulations is unethical.  Respect for intellectual labor and creativity is vital to academic discourse and enterprise. This principle applies to works of all authors and publishers in media. It encompasses respect for the right to acknowledge, right to privacy, and right to determine the form, manner, and terms of publication and distribution.

Because printed and recorded information is easily reproduced, respect for the work and personal expression of others is critical. Violations of authorial integrity, including plagiarism, invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, and trade secret and copyright violations may be grounds for sanctions against members of the academic community. At Macalester, violation of the Copying Code of Ethics may subject the offending individual or organization to disciplinary action.

Use of Macalester Name/Logo

Although chartered student groups can obtain access to the Macalester website and email addresses and utilize space on campus, individuals and individual groups may not imply in any way that they represent the college in an official capacity. Individuals and groups may take positions on issues.  However, the college strives to maintain a neutral and professional position in regards to political issues and the like.  Only the trustees, the president, or faculty voting as a group can take an official position on behalf of the college.

For access to Macalester logos, please visit