Travel Guidelines
  • All College-related student travel must be pre-approved to assure that the travel plans are safe, well planned, and meet the College’s risk management guidelines.
  • Student travel is considered College travel if any of the following apply:
    • Travel is 50 miles or more from campus
    • Travel is overnight
    • College vehicles are used
    • College or student government funds are used to support travel
    • Travel for Athletics or Club sports teams
    • Travel is to participate in an event on behalf of or using the name of the College
    • Obtain Pre-approval for all travel at least 3 weeks in advance here
    • Approval of travel or funding for travel does not constitute an excused absence from class

The Travel Grant Fund

Student organizations can submit requests for funds to support travel related to their chartered organizational purpose. All funding for College travel must come from the Student Travel Committee which manages the Student Travel Fund.

  • How to apply:
    • Submit a Student Travel Request form at least 3 weeks before the travel
      • The submission form can be found here.
      • Only a single request must be made for each trip
      • All information and all students traveling should be included
      • Requests submitted before 9am on Monday morning will be considered that week
      • General guidelines considered for funding of student organization travel
        • One trip per year per group
          • Unless trips are part of the purpose of the student organization
  • Support may be limited to $50 per person
  • Travel fund may cover the cost of vans while leaving other expenses to the participants
  • Additional information regarding the Travel Grant Fund can be found at: or by contacting Joan Maze, Director of Campus Activities and Operations,

Forms of Travel

Air Travel

Automobile Transportation

  • Minnesota Central Buses
    • Should be used for trips of 27 people or more
    • Minnesota Central can be contacted at (651)-430-3311
    • Bus start at $50 per hour per bus
  • Campus Vans
    • Campus Vans can be used by student orgs for longer trips and/or to carry more people.
    • Drivers
      • Only certified van drivers may drive the campus vehicles.
      • Look in the Daily Piper for advertisements for free van driver certification (they are short courses offered regularly throughout the year) or contact Safety and Security at (651)-696-6278 about the next planned van driver certification course
      • All drivers must:
        • Be 19 years old
        • Have completed van driver training
        • Passed a driving record check for the past three years
        • Before driving on a long trip, drivers must have completed at least 8 hours of local driving in the Macalester Vans
    • Reserving Vans
      • Vans are reserved on a first come, first serve basis keep this in mind when reserving a van- reserve it in advance especially during times when others may be reserving vans such as spring break and fall break
      • Vans can be reserved up to 1 year in advance
      • For trips under 400 miles: a Vehicle Reservation Request form must be completed and turned into Facilities (the lower level of Janet Wallace) 10 days before reservation date
      • For trips traveling 400 or more miles: a Vehicle Reservation Request form AND a Sponsor and Itinerary form must be filled out and turned into Facilities (the lower level of Janet Wallace) 3 weeks before departure date
      • The form can be found here.
    • Costs
      • Van rentals are $57 per day plus $0.45 per mile
    • Guidelines
      • No more than 3 vehicles may be used for a single-destination trip.
      • Groups of 27 or more are required to use buses with paid drivers.
      • Maximum mileage on Fall Break trips is 800 miles round trip. Maximum mileage on Spring Break trips is 1,800 miles round trip.
      • No more than 800 miles may be traveled in one day.
      • A maximum of 16 hours of continuous travel is allowable after which a layover of at least 8 hours is required.
      • Van operation is prohibited between midnight and 4:00 a.m.
      • Be sure to report all vehicle damage of any severity (scratches, dents, flat tires) to facilities services office immediately upon your return.
    • In case of emergency:
      • In the Event of a Breakdown:
        • For Minor or Major repairs:
          • Call Security 651-696-6555 then,
          • Call Ford Roadside Assistance 1-800-241-3673.
            • Roadside assistance covers: Flat tires, Dead Batteries, Lock Outs, Warranty and Non-Warranty Tows and Fuel Deliver.
            • Drive/tow van to Ford dealership (preferred) or Repair shop.
            • Get estimated cost of repair and approval from the Security Office. (contacts below)
            • Then have van repaired.
            • Charge expense with a personal card or call campus.
            • Document everything:  save all receipts.
            • Turn in receipts to Facilities Services.
      • In the Event of an Accident:
        • Assist injured persons. (Each person in van needs to be checked by Physician within 24 hours of accident, whether you think you may have an injury or not.)
        • Always call 911
        • Stay inside vehicle if possible, if unable to stay in vehicle, move to safe area away from vehicle or roadside.Read accident information in packet on clipboard.
        • Get all pertinent information on any vehicle involved:
          • Name, Address and Phone number of Driver
          • Driver’s license number
          • Vehicle make and model
          • Vehicle license plate number
          • Insurance company/policy number of driver
          • Names of injured
          • Name and phone number of hospital
          • Extent of injuries
        • Notify one of the people listed at the bottom of this page.
        • For ANY accident, a Macalester campus representative MUST be contacted.
          • 1st call should be to Security Officer on Duty.
          • Then, notify trip sponsor (if sponsor is not a trip participant).
          • Do not notify family members of injuries or death concerning others involved. This will be done by Macalester Personnel or the Police
          • Depending on the nature of the repair/accident, the college MAY or MAY NOT make reimbursement for food and lodging expenses incurred as a result of the repair/accident.


(Security Office should be called first)

  (Day) (Night)
Security Officer (651) 696-6555 (651) 696-6555
Terry Gorman (Director of Security) (651) 696-6218 or 696-6278 (651) 955-7072
Nathan Lief (Facilities Services Director) (651)-696-6140