The following are various types of Macalester Approved Study Away Programs you can apply to, as well as non-approved programs found on your own:

  • Macalester Faculty-Led Programs
  • Macalester Exchange Programs
  • Macalester Approved Study Away Programs
  • Macalester Competitive Study Away Programs

How to Apply

1. Attend a First Steps to Study Away session

2. Login to your study away account.

3. Complete the Study Away Policies and Procedures (Learning Content in your study away account)

4. Complete the questionnaire #1 (Pre-Advising Questionnaire).

5. Meet with a study away advisor to discuss your plan. To schedule an appointment email your availability, call 651-696-6300, or visit the second floor of Markim Hall.

6. Complete questionnaire #2 (Request to Start Program Application) and select your program and term preferences.

A study away advisor will open your application within one business day. You will receive an automatic email when your application is open.

7. Log-in after you are notified via email that your program application has been opened.

8. Under “Applications”, click on your program.

9. Complete each questionnaire, material submission, and signature document.

Please don’t wait until the last week to complete this process as you will be asked to consult with others on campus and this may require schedule planning in advance.

Save Your Work and Return Later

You can save your work and return to your application at a later date. Bookmark or save this website to easily log in again:

Note: Some parts of the application may not apply to your program or course list. When you click on these parts, you will be asked whether this applies to you. If your response is “no” this part will be marked N/A.

Your application is complete once all parts are checked off and you click on “submit”. Once the application is submitted, you are unable to make any further changes.