All international students are eligible to study away at Macalester. Macalester financial aid can be applied to study away costs for international students (i.e., nonimmigrant visa [F­1 and J­1] and asylee status students) only in the following circumstances:

  • Study away is required for a formally declared major or minor* (Studying at Macalester fulfills the study away requirement for international students majoring in International Studies. Consequently, international students may not apply financial aid to study away for that major.); or
  • The student has been approved to study in any Group A program (note: not all qualified students may be approved for exchange programs because of exchange balance requirements).

* Majors at Macalester that require study away for international students are: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Chinese, Classical Mediterranean and Middle East, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Spanish, Japanese, Latin American Studies, and Russian Studies.


Many scholarships are available specifically for study away experiences, and all Macalester students are encouraged to apply for scholarship funds. International students may be eligible for merit scholarships from the program provider or other external sources. Planning ahead is key, as the deadlines for some scholarships are before students need to apply for their programs.

Permanent residents and dual citizens are eligible for financial aid

Students who have permanent residence status or dual U.S. and other citizenship are eligible for Macalester financial aid when studying away.