The following are answers to some of the most frequent questions that we’ve been getting. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact your study away advisor or email .

Can I still study away in Fall 2020?

No. Macalester has made the decision to not permit participation in study away for fall 2020.

While Macalester continues to be deeply committed to the value of study away, the health and safety of our community is what’s guiding our decisions. Given the uncertainty of travel in the months ahead, the college has made the decision to not permit participation in fall 2020 study away programs.

Can I change my fall 2020 study away plans to a future semester?

If you want to study away at a future date, you can find the form to request to do so on the CSA’s Change of Plans website. Please submit the “Request to Change Study Away Semester” by June 1.

We will make every effort to accommodate students who want to reschedule their plans to study away. We appreciate your patience as it may take some time to confirm that this will indeed be possible.

What do I do if I no longer want to study away?

If you want to cancel your study away plans, you can find the form to do so on the CSA’s Change of Plans website. Please submit the “Study Away Cancellation Form” by June 1.

Do I need to inform my study away program or host university?


Please contact your study away program to let them know you will not be participating this fall because Macalester is not permitting it. You should also check with the program about how you can receive a refund on your deposit. If you are considering deferring your program to another semester, they may be able to apply your deposit and any scholarship awards to the future, but be sure to clarify that with them at this time and ask what the process is for doing so.

I have already paid my non-refundable program deposit, is Macalester going to refund that?

In most cases, study away programs are offering very flexible deposit refund policies for Fall 2020. Please communicate with your program directly to request that your deposit be refunded. If you are not able to get a full refund of your deposit from your program please contact your study away advisor in the CSA and we will work to find a solution for you as needed.

What do I do about housing for the fall?

You should begin working on a plan for fall semester housing. Here is more information about on-campus and off-campus housing:

On-Campus Housing

The Office of Residential Life currently has a waitlist for on-campus housing for the upcoming year.  The best they can offer at this time is to place you on this waitlist. Please note being on the waitlist does not guarantee an on-campus space even at a later date. Rising juniors and seniors are not required to live on-campus, so you have the option to live off-campus. 

If you desire to be added to the on-campus housing waitlist, please email to make this request. Residential Life is in the midst of supporting spring 2020 residents and their belonging retrieval/move-out process, so there may be a delay in their response back to you.

Off-Campus Housing

We strongly encourage you to explore off-campus housing opportunities at this time. Here is a helpful Off-Campus Housing Resource List. You can also visit Macalester’s Off-Campus Living webpage for additional resources.

My major requires me to study away. How can I fulfill that requirement now?

We encourage you to be in communication with the chair of your department. All majors that require study away have been aware of the possibility that study away might not be an option this fall and have indicated a willingness to work with you to meet the requirements of the major.