The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions received by the CSA. If you don’t see your question listed, please contact your study away advisor or email .

Can I still study away in Spring 2021?

As the situation for Spring 2021 study away continues to be unpredictable, we are less confident that Study Away will be an option. While some programs have already cancelled, others are preparing to make decisions in the coming weeks. In addition, the prospects for travel remain uncertain at best and many of the factors being used to determine if study away will be feasible remain unfavorable for the vast majority of countries where our students study away. We expect a final decision from the college will be made by the end of Module 1.

That being said, if you still hope to study away for Spring 2021, you will need to continue to monitor your program application deadline and submit the required materials in a timely manner. Please DO NOT make any non-refundable financial commitments until the college has indicated that study away will be approved for Spring.

What factors is the college considering in making the decision regarding Spring 2021 Study Away?

The CSA is continually monitoring the global pandemic landscape and is providing guidance to campus decision-makers regarding the viability of study away for future semesters. Factors that are being considered include:

  • Availability of passport processing
  • US Department of State and CDC Travel Guidance
  • Availability of sufficient and predictable flight operations
  • Ability to obtain a visa for the program (if required)
  • Existence (or lack) of travel restrictions on entry (ban on external entry, quarantine, etc.)
  • Ability and capacity of local infrastructure to provide medical care without resorting to crisis-level standards of care
  • Viability of housing on-site that can accommodate potential needs for isolation or quarantine

Should I purchase my airline tickets for my Spring 2021 Study Away Program?

We strongly advise you to wait to make any non-refundable travel arrangements. We intend to provide additional guidance as soon as we have more information about the viability of Spring 2021 study away.

If I take a leave of absence for Fall Semester 2020 will I still be eligible to study away in Spring 2021?

The Center for Study Away will waive the requirement to be enrolled at Macalester the semester prior to studying away for students approved to study away for Spring 2021. Any student taking a leave of absence for Fall 2020 will still be required to meet all other eligibility requirements, including completion of online forms and pre-departure preparation sessions conducted by the CSA.

Can I change my spring 2021 study away plans to a future semester?

If you prefer to study away in a future semester, complete and submit the “Request to Change Study Away Semester” form found on the CSA’s Change of Plans website.

At this time we cannot guarantee that your request will be approved, but we will make every effort to accommodate students who want to reschedule their plans to study away. We appreciate your patience in this process as we don’t know how long it will take to confirm semester change requests.

What do I do if I no longer want to study away?

If you want to cancel your study away plans, complete and submit the “Study Away Cancellation Form” on the CSA’s Change of Plans website.

My major requires me to study away. How do I fulfill that requirement if Study Away is canceled or I decide I am not comfortable studying away in Spring 2021?

We encourage you to be in communication with the chair of your department. All majors that require study away have been aware of the possibility that study away might not be an option this coming spring and have indicated a willingness to work with you to meet the requirements of the major.