First Generation College Students and Study Away

One of many possible ways to engage with the values and objectives of Macalester is by studying away. As you consider study away, you may want to think about how being a first-generation college student influences how you think about and live out the study away experience.

A number of factors come into play when making the decision to study away:

  • Academic goals and objectives
  • Personal goals and aspirations
  • Family expectations
  • Financial considerations
  • Timing
  • Other opportunities

Taking the time to weigh each of these separately and together will help you determine when and if study away is the right opportunity for you to pursue.

The following resources and questions are provided to assist you in determining your best course of action regarding study away. The CSA staff welcome your questions, comments, and concerns. Throughout the entire study away process, please know that you can schedule as many meetings with us as you’d like. Email, call, stop by, or make an appointment with any of us who are here to support you.

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