Religion and Spirituality and Study Away

Whether you will be practicing your own religious/spiritual traditions while studying away, or navigating an entirely different and perhaps deeply religious culture, you will want to consider the impact this may have on your program choice, preparation, and your entire travel experience.

In coordination with Macalester’s Center for Religious and Spiritual Life (CRSL), we offer the following questions for your consideration, with a list of resources to assist you. Both CRSL staff and our CSA staff welcome your questions, comments and concerns. We invite them at any time: as you decide where to study, as you prepare to leave, at any time throughout your semester away, and after you return. Please never hesitate to email, call, stop by or make an appointment with any of us who are here to support you in the CSA and CRSL.

We Want Your Feedback

We recognize that you came to this website looking for information and resources. If there is something specific you were looking for but didn’t find, please let us know using the feedback form link below. We will do our best to help you find resources that meet your needs and add them here as well. We also welcome suggestions for including resources that you have found on your own that we have missed.

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