Q: What questions should students think about as they select a study away program?

A: Students should begin by reflecting on their hopes and aspirations for study away. They are asked to complete a questionnaire during the advising process that has them reflect on their hopes and aspiration for study away, learn how to find programs that support these hopes and aspirations, and consider other topics related to study away. Faculty and staff are encouraged to have similar conversations with their advisees and other students.

Pre-Advising Questionnaire

Q: What do students submit for their application?

A: A complete application consists of the following:

Study Away Application – Questionnaire 1. Basic Information

Study Away Application – Questionnaire 2. Communication Authorization

Study Away Application – Questionnaire 3. Study Away Coursework Graduation Requirements

Study Away Application – Questionnaire 4. Educational Goals Essays

Study Away Application – Questionnaire 5. (Optional) Non-Approved Program Request

As well as the Online Advisor Confirmation Form.

Q: What is the role of a student’s academic advisor? 

A: Academic advisors should discuss study away and graduation plans with students prior to the application deadline and complete the online Academic Advisor Form.

Q: What is the Online Advisor Confirmation Form and how do I complete it? 

A: The form is confirmation that students have met and discussed their study away plans with their academic advisor. As part of their study away application, students will enter their academic advisor’s name into the online application system. The academic advisor will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the short, online form. These forms consist of five questions and should be completed by the day of the application deadline.

To view the form, go to Online Advisor Confirmation Form.

Q: Do students need to declare a major before applying to study away?

A: No. Students do not need to declare a major before applying to study away.

Q: My advisee wants to include a course from study away in their major, minor, or concentration plan. What is the next step?

A: Students should take course information to the chair of the department or director of the concentration. The chair/director will review the course and determine if it can be included in the major, minor or concentration plan. More detailed information on this process is in Approving Courses from Study Away.

Q: When should students get courses approved for major, minor or concentration credit?

A: Certain students – those whose major requires study away or those who need a class from study away in order to complete their major – are required to do this as part of the application process. All other students can request course approval at any time, at the discretion of the academic department or concentration. We encourage all students to discuss their courses with department chair and/or concentration directors prior to finalizing their course choice.

Q: A student’s academic advisor is on sabbatical. Who completes the online Academic Advisor Form? 

A: When a faculty member leaves for sabbatical, they either agreed to advise during this time or requested advisees be reassigned. Students should defer to their “advisor of record”, according to their 1600Grand account.

Q: A student is double-majoring; their official advisor is for major A, but their study away plans relate mostly to major B. Who completes the online Academic Advisor Form? 

A: The student’s official academic advisor should complete the online Academic Advisor Form. Students are encouraged to review their plans with their major B advisor, but no additional form is needed.

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