As you transition back to life at Macalester, keep in mind that there are many ways to continue processing your study away experience.

To your surprise, you might experience culture shock as you return to life in the US and at Macalester. This process is commonly referred to as “re­entry” and merits discussion. While away, you developed new knowledge and skills and may have encountered new belief systems. Continuing to journal and process the experience back on-­campus can be beneficial. Many resources are available both in print and on­line for you to access as you navigate re­entry.

Attend a welcome back luncheon

This event is offered at the beginning of each semester to welcome back returnees from study away and includes opportunities to:

Enjoy a free lunch

Explore the re­entry process

Find resources to help make local connections with global communities in the Twin Cities

Learn about career development and internship resources

See the faces of the classmates you’ve missed

Attend a Returnee Reflection Event

The Returnee Reflection Event, held once per semester, is a workshop and/or field trip for returning students to discuss and process their study away experiences and to imagine how they will integrate what they learned while away into life at Macalester and their future learning. Another objective of the Returnee Reflection Event is to help students engage with the international community in the Twin Cities.

Join the Weekly Luncheon Series

The weekly lunches held on most Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m. are designed to give recent study away returnees a chance to gather with Macalester faculty and staff to reflect on and talk about issues that come up with particular salience to study away programs.

Check the Center for Study Away Calendar for more information