2.2 Preliminary Considerations

Once you have determined where you will apply for funding, be sure to follow the funder guidelines and use application forms provided by the funder if relevant while you are developing your proposal. Your ability to follow directions expedites the review process and helps to establish your credibility. If your proposal requires that you submit a budget and you are unsure how to draft the budget, contact GFCR for help. In addition to talking about your budget, GFCR can share with you a standard budget template. Also, make sure that all budget items you would like to include are allowed by the funder.

Most importantly, you will want to give yourself enough time to craft a competitive funding proposal. Write for a range of reviewers and consider discussing your idea and/or sharing your drafts with your colleagues. Deadlines also require advanced planning in order to time the award with your sabbatical, for example, or to allow time for resubmission should the first application go unfunded. Consider keeping a portfolio of commonly-used documents, such as your curriculum vita, a strong bibliography, and a list of recommenders. Contact GFCR to review your proposal narrative, budget, and other proposal documents.