2.3 Including Undergraduate Students in the Project

Often your project will include undergraduate students. Students are paid in one of two ways: stipend or hourly wage. Students engaged in summer student-faculty research that is primarily of educational benefit to them receive stipend payments and therefore do not keep track of hours or turn in timecards. These students may be eligible for paid on-campus housing.

Students working as assistants in faculty research are paid on an hourly basis. Their wages are based on hours worked and recorded on timecards, and they must be paid time and a half for any overtime (beyond forty hours) worked during a given week. While students providing assistance for faculty research are eligible for on-campus housing, they do not qualify, in most cases, for paid housing.

In all cases, paid on-campus housing is considered a Macalester match or cost share and must be approved at proposal stage.

Proposal budgets should include fringe benefits for students who are hired to work in the summer. Contact GFCR for the rates.

2.3.1 Responsible Conduct of Research

PIs/PDs have the primary responsibility for ensuring that students involved in externally-funded research receive responsible conduct of research (RCR) training. Prior to beginning any research work, all students participating in any of the following types of research projects must successfully complete this training:

  • Student research supported by any externally funded grant and/or matching funds provided by the College;
  • Student summer research supported by Student Faculty Summer Research funds or department-administered funds;
  • Student independent projects utilizing unit-level data provided by Institutional Research or the Assessment Office;
  • Student independent research projects to be conducted while studying abroad.

Each student must have a completion certificate on file with the Office of Academic Programs and Advising. See Forms and Policies for more information.