2.5 Internal Review

All proposals for grants to the College, even those in support of the research/scholarly activity of an individual faculty member, must be reviewed and approved by appropriate College officials. This review is necessary because the college accepts legal responsibility for the project. This review also clarifies the implications of the project and thus strengthens the proposal. You can initiate the clearance of your proposal with the Grants, Foundation and Corporate Relations office.

The review process is designed to:

  1. Ensure that the proposal fits with institutional goals, mainly from an academic viewpoint;
  2. Identify ways to strengthen the proposal in an effort to make it more successful; and
  3. Identify aspects of the project to address at proposal stage so that execution of the project can be streamlined once funded.

The review process is initiated when the Principal Investigator/Project Director completes a Proposal Clearance Form and submits this along with the draft narrative and the budget (if necessary). GFCR will then obtain the necessary institutional sign-offs and inform you when the proposal has been cleared for submission.

To ensure that there is enough time for the institutional sign-off process, you must submit your clearance form and supporting documentation a minimum of 7 working days before the submission deadline.

2.5.1 Conflict of Interest

The College has a responsibility to manage, reduce or eliminate any actual or potential conflict of interest. A potential conflict of interest occurs when there is a divergence between an individual’s private interests and his/her professional obligations to the College such that an independent observer might reasonably question whether the individual’s professional actions or decisions are determined by considerations of personal gain, financial or otherwise (see Macalester’s Conflict of Interest Policy).

At the time of submission, the PI/PD will be asked to disclose any significant financial interests on the Grant Proposal Clearance Form. Any co-investigators/directors are asked to indicate the same by completing the appropriate Financial Interests Disclosure Form for either Public Health Service (PHS) or non-PHS funding. This form must also be completed as new reportable significant financial interests are obtained or annually by all investigators for funded grants.

The Provost will review disclosures related to financial conflict of interest and determine if a conflict of interest exists. If a conflict of interest exists, the Provost is responsible for determining which steps must be taken to manage, reduce or eliminate the conflict of interest.

2.5.2 Special review - Human and Animal Subjects

Institutional Review Board (IRB) ? Human Subjects

In general, all research conducted by members of the Macalester community that involves the participation of humans must be reviewed by the Macalester College IRB or by a departmental committee formed for this purpose. Once your project has been approved, send the approval number to GFCR.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Projects involving animals must have all animal care and use protocols reviewed by Macalester’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Once your project has been approved, send the approval number to GFCR.

2.5.3 NIH Assurance

In accordance with the requirements of NOT-OD-06-054, Macalester is required to secure and retain a written assurance (to certify the accuracy of the submitted information, indicate understanding of the implications of false claims, and accept responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project) from the Principal Investigator (PI) prior to submitting an application, a progress report, or a prior approval request to the NIH. When multiple principal investigators are proposed, the assurance form must be signed by and retained for all named PIs. This form must be signed and submitted to GFCR with all NIH applications, progress reports, and prior approval requests.

2.5.4 Procurement, Suspension and Debarment Requirements for Federal Grants

Macalester College is prohibited from contracting with or making subawards to parties that are suspended or debarred or whose principals are suspended or debarred by the federal government. The College will ensure compliance with this federal regulation via confirmation from the System for Award Management (SAM) Excluded Parties List System. The purchase of goods or services with an expected value exceeding $25,000 related to a federal grant requires review of the SAM Excluded Parties List System (https://www.sam.gov) in advance of the purchase to determine possible suspended or debarred standing of the third party vendor. This review will occur at the time of proposal submission for those vendors identified in the proposal.