3.1 Grant Data Form and New Grant Meeting

Once your project has been approved, you will receive an award document that references the budget approved by the funder. In some cases, this budget will also include Macalester funds committed to the project.

After the award document is received, GFCR and the Grants Accountant will prepare a Grant Data Form. The Grant Data Form contains all of the basic information about the project, including the FOAPAL number established for the grant. The Grants Accountant and a member of GFCR will meet with you shortly after you receive your grant to give you the Grant Data Form, discuss the accounting and reporting requirements for the grant, and answer any questions you may have.

It is your responsibility to administer your award and to spend grant funds as stipulated in the award document and summarized on the Grant Data Form. In addition to following the funder guidance, you must follow College policies with respect to your award. It is also your responsibility to supply narrative reports to the funder as stipulated on the Grant Data Form. GFCR will assist you with the preparation of these reports and securing any changes to the grant (extensions, re-budgeting) during the project period. The Grants Accountant oversees the financial administration of all grants to the College. The Accountant follows standard accounting practices and strictly adheres to all College policies and federal regulations. As reporting agents, Business Services and GFCR staff are not permitted to assume any of the administrative functions of the PI/PD.