Recognition in the Charles Macalester Society is offered to living individuals whose lifetime giving has reached or exceeded $1 million. Recognition is given in perpetuity. Honorees are listed below.

Charles Macalester was a philanthropist of the highest order. He was a trusted advisor and friend to many U.S. Presidents including Jackson, Van Buren, Polk, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, and Grant. A fervent supporter of the arts and educational enterprises, Macalester left a tremendous legacy by giving a title to a hotel in Minneapolis, which was sold to pay for land in St. Paul.

Charles Macalester Society honorees have participated in the life of the college in countless important ways, helping to build a strong financial foundation. The Charles Macalester Society exists to recognize their extraordinarily generous lifetime financial support.

Charles Macalester Society honorees will be recognized in the Charles Macalester Society roster, which appears in various college publications. Members also receive invitations to select events and are presented with a unique memento to honor their generosity.

Charles Macalester Society Honorees

Chester A. Anderson ’41 P’68 and Marlys Anderson
James F. Armstrong ’51
Warren F. Bateman ’44 and Marilyn Swenson Bateman GP’06
Marilyn C. Benson ’55
Charles G. Berg ’78 and Kathleen Berg
Stephen M. Clement III and Sally Dayton Clement P’06
Eva J. Corniea
Jerry Crawford ’71 and Linda Del Gallo Crawford
Gale L. Davis and Shelby Moore Cullom Davis
Mary Dayton and Wallace C. Dayton GP’06
Ruth Stricker Dayton ’57 and Bruce B. Dayton P’87, ’85, ’82
David J. Deno ’79 P’11 and Susan Weber Deno
Dorothy Dodge
Harry M. Drake ’50
Lynn M. Edens and Wesley R. Edens P’14
Mardene A. Eichhorn ’53 and Richard E. Eichhorn ’51 P’77 GP’17
Steven C. Euller ’71 and Nancy L. Roehr
Margaret Weyerhaeuser Harmon P’60
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Holl
Michael A. Huber ’90 and Lauren M. Seikaly
Timothy A. Hultquist ’72 and Cynthia M. Hultquist
Elsie J. Lane
Jeffrey B. Larson ’79 and Janet Larson P’10
John C. Law ’72 and Hope Warschaw
Candace Hewitt Leonard ’67 and Mark G. Leonard ’65 P’10
George P. Leonard ’27 and Wilma Fox Leonard ’27 P’65, GP’84, ’19
George A. Mairs ’50 and Mary Dustin Mairs
Margaret Wallin Marvin ’39 and William S. Marvin GP’09, ’03
David L. McLaughlin ’59 and Jean McLaughlin
M. A. “Mort” Mortenson Jr. and Alice Mortenson
Robert H. Olander ’39 and Betty L. Olander
James L. Reissner ’62 and Jean Eddy Reissner ’62
H. Douglas Riley ’71
Barbara Leonard Robben P’84, GP’19
Richard L. Schall ’51 and Maryan Schall
Susan Dunst Schwartz ’71 and Donald L. Schwartz ’71
Bruce L. Soltis ’66 and Margaret Mary Soltis
Jeanne Vander Ploeg
Mark Vander Ploeg ’74
DeWitt Wallace and Lila Acheson Wallace
Maxine Houghton Wallin ’48 and Winston R. Wallin GP’13
Nancy Neimeyer Weyerhaeuser ’53 and Ted Weyerhaeuser
Annette Mortinson Whaley ’75 and John Whaley
Dorothy Neibel Whitson ’31 and Lee S. Whitson
Stephen F. Wiggins ’78 and Melissa Kerr P’13, ’19, ’20