2016-2017 Membership


Suzanne Savanick Hansen


Emily Anderson

Ex Officio and Other Members

David Wheaton, VP for Administration and Finance
Paul Overvoorde, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Kurt Miller, Sustainability Office
Matt Rumpza, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Manager
Nathan Lief, Director of Facilities Services


Arjun Guneratne
Roopali Phadke (serving for Dan Hornbach)

Staff, Exempt

Mark Holte

Staff, Non-Exempt

Kristi Fackel
Chris Schomer


Collin Dobie (MCSG Sustainability Officer)
Euijin Kim (MCSG appointed)

Sustainability Advisory Committee Agreement 

This agreement establishes the Sustainability Advisory Committee, which designs sustainability goals for Macalester as well as tracks Macalester's progress towards those goals. Our sustainability goals follow the guidelines set out by the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment and the Talloires Declaration


Macalester College has taken a leadership role in sustainability for higher education. In 2007, President Rosenberg signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, which commits Macalester College to become climate neutral (i.e. no net greenhouse gas emissions). In 2000, President McPherson signed the Talloires Declaration, the first official statement made by university administrators of a commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education.

Mission of the Sustainability Advisory Committee

The mission of the Sustainability Advisory Committee is to oversee the implementation of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment and the Talloires Declaration. The committee will also recommend policies and practices which best reflect College’s commitment to an environmentally sustainable world. In addition, the committee will function as a conduit for information exchange about campus sustainability initiatives.


  1. The Committee shall pursue this mission in the following ways:
    1. Oversee the implementation of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.
    2. Oversee the implementation of the Talloires Declaration.
    3. Draft policy recommendations and provide accurate information to the President and College community in order to promote and ensure conservation of resources, energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, emissions reduction, reliance on renewable energy sources and resources, healthy and safe environmental practices, and the sustainable operation of the College.
    4. Oversee sustainability planning efforts and annual sustainability data collection by the Sustainability Office.
    5. The committee meetings will include updates from the Zero Waste Committee and the Clean Energy Revolving Fund Board.
  2. The Sustainability Manager will set the meeting schedule. The committee will meet at least twice a semester and meetings are open.


  1. The committee will be comprised of:
    1. Three staff (including at least one exempt and one non-exempt member). Staff will be appointed by the Staff Advisory Council.
    2. Two faculty (one will be the chair of the Environmental Studies Department or designee)
    3. Four students (two will be appointed by Macalester College student government and two will be appointed by the Sustainability Manager to represent specific student sustainability initiatives)
    4. Faculty and Staff Members will be appointed for two year terms. Students will be appointed for one year terms.
    5. Ex-officio members will be:
      1. Director of Facilities
      2. Dean of Students (or designee)
  2. The committee will be chaired by the Sustainability Manager.

Committee Records and Communication

The Sustainability Advisory Committee utilizes the Sustainability Advisory Committee Moodle Group to communicate and store meeting agendas and minutes.  Any Macalester community member with an active account can add themselves to this group.