• The Sustainability Office reserves a portion of its budget for the Small Project Fund, which is used to support small on-campus projects that promote sustainability through creative action, advances Macalester’s Sustainability Plan, and uphold the core values of the College.
  • Macalester College has a payroll deduction for charitable giving and the Minnesota Environmental Fund is one of the options. MEF supports numerous local environmental organizations. Sign up when the enrollment period comes up again!


  • If everyone leaves their computers turned on or even asleep overnight the energy use adds up quickly across campus. Get more details on how you can change your technology on the ITS Sustainability page.
  • If you can, switch of your overhead office lights or your desk work lights when not in use.
  • Projectors and media systems take a lot of energy to run. If you’re done with them, switch them off while you finish your class or meeting.


  • ITS, the Library, Communications and Public Relations, and Document Services only buy 100% recycled paper and you should too. Staples and Document Services sell this as an option for Macalester Departments.
  • The Staples portal marks an item when it’s made with sustainable materials or a sustainable process.  Look for them when you’re doing your ordering; they even have 100% recycled legal pads.


The Sustainability Office maintains a list of Sustainable Transportation Options.


  • More information regarding waste at Macalester can be found at the Zero Waste page.
  • Use Pilot Begreen V Board Master Dry Erase Markers or AusPens in lieu of disposable dry erase markers.  Order them from Staples or the Sustainability Office via the link on the Business Services tab of 1600Grand.
  • Bring a mug to the Grille and Bon Appétit will fill you up on coffee for $1.50.  Also, ask them for reusable wares if you’re ordering from the Grille but eating-in.
  • Mailing Services may have spare interdepartmental envelopes – check with them before ordering new ones. In addition, any surplus interdepartmental envelops can be returned to mailing services.
  • Reduce your printing footprint by prioritizing what you need to print and using both sides.