A model zero waste community sends nothing to landfills or incinerators; at the same time, continually reducing the volume of recyclables, compostables, and toxic/hazardous materials.

In practice, Macalester adheres to the widely accepted Zero Waste International Alliance standard, which states that zero waste institutions divert 90% of waste from landfills and incinerators. Event planning is key to creating a zero waste event.

Macalester’s commitment to become a Zero Waste institution by 2020 entails the diversion of waste from the landfill whenever possible.

Please use this guide in hosting a zero waste event – regardless of size – and contribute to Macalester’s Sustainability Goals.

Zero Waste Event Guide

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After the Event

Celebrate and share your success! Consider sharing photos or facts about the success of your event with the participants or larger community.

Adapted from the University of Pennsylvania Zero-Waste Event Guide How-To